Wednesday, November 16, 2011


"How many Belgians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
None, they all surrendered!"

OK President Obama made another dumb statement recently about Asia. He was in Hawaii and he refereed to the state as being "here in Asia." Given how many Asian tourists there are in the state, its not completely unreasonable a mistake.

Here's the thing. This wasn't something he really thinks, it doesn't prove he's an idiot, and it doesn't show that Democrats are historically and geographically challenged. It doesn't even prove President Obama is a "birther" (if he was born in Hawaii and its in Asia...). Everybody makes dumb mistakes sometimes, everyone slips up. And there are so many Asians in Hawaii its not even that surprising a mistake. Even if President Obama did really think Hawaii is part of Asia, that doesn't really make any difference to how well he can do his job.

Like his statements about the honored dead being present at a speech, pronouncing corpsmen as "corpsemen" and the 58 state mistake, this doesn't prove Obama is some subnormal intellect. I'm sure he's plenty smart; nobody who gets as far as he does politically is an idiot, although Joe Biden surely puts that theory to the test.

The problem is that had a Republican said this, he'd be labeled an imbecile, it would be proof all Republicans are ignorant, it would be exhibit A of how unlearned he is, and so on. Just like how President Bush saying he's not a big reading fan proved he was some kind of retard but President Obama only reading a few books a year proves he works so hard, the double standard is overpowering.

Just imagine all the late night comics and all the jokes about Asia if this was, say, President Bush or Herman Cain. Just imagine the comedians doing impressions and mistaking geography, hee hee its so funny.

And that's the frustrating thing for us on the right. I get that you disagree with us politically, but its so childish and weak to presume the worst possible about someone simply because you disagree about economic policy. You and I disagree on abortion but that doesn't mean I think you're a retarded child molesting monster who is one jackboot away from sieging heil.

This continuous need to presume and state, repeatedly, in the most withering, contemptuous terms the worst possible about your political foes is repugnant and I would argue the number one cause of the massive political divide this nation has developed over the last few decades. Its one thing to disagree, its another to extend that into shrill hate-filled diatribes about intellectual capacity and personal life.

This is the kind of attitude and bigotry that racist cretins have heaped on their targets for centuries. You're belgian, so that means you aren't just sort of French and European but lazy, stupid, thieving, cowardly, and so on. Ha ha, those stupid Belgiers. Its the sort of thing that created mobs who wanted to burn witches and books alike.

Every politician will make mistakes. Every politician will misstate things and say dumb stuff. You and I do this all the time, and most of the time people shrug at it and go on with their lives. This kind of thing doesn't say much about the president but it says oceans about the left and the legacy media. Its the inconsistent reaction to this kind of flub that's the problem, not the fact that it happens.

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