Wednesday, November 02, 2011


There are some signs that the Cain sexual harassment story is backfiring on whoever put it out there (and some suspect a fellow Republican candidate's team). Not only are Cain's donations skyrocketing, but the public isn't particularly siding with the women on this. Even if the allegations are true, they're from a while back and I think people have gotten tired of the whole "sexual harassment by an exec" storyline. Time will tell, but it would be nice to see the pendulum swing slightly back from where it stuck in the 90s.

The mere accusation of certain acts shouldn't doom a man's career.

And, as Glenn Reynolds writes:
You know who really could have profited here? Perry, Romney, et al. If they had gone after the media — just saying what Pro Publica said about this lame story would have been fine, and perfectly safe — they would have reaped real gains. The Republican primary electorate will look favorably on candidates who stand up against the media, as opposed to those who go along with the media attacks on other Republicans.
The problem is, each of the candidates seems to view the other as their foe, their opponent rather than President Obama. Instead of demonstrating how they'd be the best choice to defeat the president in 2012, they're fighting to prove the other guy is worse.

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