Monday, November 28, 2011


"Anyone who doesn't believe in evolution cannot in good conscience be allowed to practice medicine."

Evolutionary theory has replaced religious dogma in the west. Basically if you don't believe everything you're told about evolution, many people think you're an idiot, a weirdo, a heretic, someone unfit for most jobs even if they haven't the slightest thing to do with biology or origins.

The truth is 99% of all scientists can get by without even encountering evolutionary theory in their work, and the ones that must, don't need to bother with the theory. You don't have to be a hardcore Evolutionist if you are a paleontologist, you'll just be savaged and villified by your peers. Its a method of examining data, not a scientific law that you must use to learn facts.

Still, there are many who are outraged if a plumber doubts aspects of evolution, let alone anyone in a scientific field. So with that setup, what do you think of a doctor who rejects the theory? Is he unqualified? Incompetent? Idiotic?

In England, there are students, including medical students, who walk out of lectures when evolutionary theory is brought up. They reject it based on their scripture and won't tolerate the discussion. The way evolution is taught in schools, it can be pretty heavy handed, and if your faith is opposed to the concept, that can be tough to tolerate from profs. Too often, professors are more interested in showing how pathetic and stupid you are for disagreeing with them than convincing or just worrying about the truth. It goes both ways; you can get really hostile, condescending Christian profs who attack you in class at some colleges.

Most of the time in the past, these students have been Christians, but lately more often, they are Muslim. Something few people seem to comprehend is that most of the basic structure of faith is similar between Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Each religion believes in a single, all powerful deity, a scripture that must be obeyed, laws that best reflect the will of this creator, and that the world was created by this deity, not gradually evolved by chance from matter that appeared out of nowhere or is eternal.

Muslims reject evolution as well, because they believe all these basic tenets of their faith. Christians are generally attacked and mocked for questioning the dogma of the modern secularist, but Muslims generally are protected by the same people.

Personally I suggest these students sit around and learn what people are teaching and saying so at the very least they're equipped to disagree intelligently. Running away from difficult or opposing ideas is a mistake many Christians have made, they have to be confronted and examined. But Islam has no vigorous history and scripturally-mandated tradition of arguing, examining, questioning, and debating their faith as Judaism and Christianity have enjoyed for millennia.

Its the comments - and granted, this is an open forum so it tends to dredge up the lowest detritus the internet has to offer - that really made me laugh and shake my head. Almost all of them demanded they not graduate, not get a degree, not practice their field of work.

And it should be fun to watch the left scramble to find a way to diversely tolerate this shocking betrayal of their basic belief system: do you condemn Muslims for rejecting one of the main tenets of your faith in evolution, or do you tolerate their diverse culture and narrative?

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Philip said...

Actually, your comment should be phrased:

"do you condemn Muslims for rejecting one of the main tenets of your faith in evolution and thus endanger yourself, your loved ones, and your institution, or do you tolerate their diverse culture and narrative?"