Tuesday, October 18, 2011


“God bless them, for their spontaneity. It’s independent … it’s young, it’s spontaneous, and it’s focused."
-Nancy Pelosi, working the talking points

I'm not a big Howard Stern fan. He's basically a crass, amoral scumbag who uses the lowest common denominator to get laughs and pushes that low down further every time he can. He's creepy and crud, but brilliant and often funny despite his material. And he's ruthless about politics; like Zappa he doesn't like any politicians or political movements.

And Howard Stern is in New York City, so he's close to the human detritus at the Occupy Wall Street event that's blocking traffic, violating state and city laws, and trashing the area. So he sent down some of his people to interview some of the OWS folks and here's a partial transcript of the video at Breitbart.com:
STERN: (fades in) Sal and (unintelligible) go down there, I said "just go down there and find somebody who knows what's going on down there." Here's...
ROBIN: Oh yeah
STERN: These are the people you run into down there. Honest to God.
SAL: So what are you here protesting today?
HIPPIE 1: Umm, ah, um, ah ... I'm protesting ... ah.. mm
STERN: Laughs
HIPPIE 1: Yeah, I'm sorry I can't do this, I'm sorry I'm...
SAL: Let me ask you another question: what do you, what do you hope to achieve by this protest?
HIPPIE 1: Um, what I hope to achieve is just to get our voices heard you know?
ROBIN, STERN: laughs
SAL: Gimme an example of what you would want to say as far as your voice being heard?
HIPPIE 1: Uh.... um...
STERN: laughs
HIPPIE 1: look I'm sorry I'm just- I'm just- I'm just- messy all over the place, I'm really tired, I haven't slept in two days.
SAL: How come you haven't slept?
HIPPIE 1: Ahh, I don't have any shelters...
STERN: Laughs
HIPPIE 1: ...so I have to stay out and I don't want to go to sleep in the rain.
SAL: And what are you hoping to achieve?
HIPPIE 1: Ahmm, you know right now the protest is just in its ah early stages, you know, right now we're just all about getting out there...
STERN: Laughs
HIPPIE 1: so making um... yeah I just
SAL: Cool.
HIPPIE 1: uh, um
SAL: Yeah.
HIPPIE 1: No that's it, I'm done.
RICHARD: Have you have sex here this week?
RICHARD: Have you tried?
HIPPIE 1: Yeah, but you don't have a tent its sort of pointless.
ROBIN: don't have a tent, you can't get laid.
SAL: What's more important to you, sir: smoking weed, or getting a job?
HIPPIE 1: Getting a job 'cause then I can use the money to buy weed.
STERN: Right. He's not the only one that was confused down there. I mean there's a lot of hippies. (Laughs)
ROBIN: I love it that he said you know its a tent that will get you laid (laughs)
STERN: Yeah. He's down there to get laid but he has no tent.
ROBIN: (laughs)
STERN: Here's another one that's just as confused.

SAL: Uh, what are you uh protesting here today?
HIPPIE 2: Um... we're struggling so, you know.
SAL: Now you say you're struggling, but you, you girls are in good shape and you have the abilities to hold down jobs. Do you think it makes more sense to get a job than to waste time here filing your nails?
HIPPIE GIRL: @(*& working for the boss, I'd rather make my own money...
SAL: Cool.
HIPPIE GIRL: like, I can control how much money I make, when I make it.
STERN: yeah, spoken like a true child.
HIPPIE GIRL: as long as I work hard enough.
STERN: You ever talk to kids about, you know, makin' money?
ROBIN: Well they don't know where it comes from.
STERN: Like high school kids?
ROBIN: They don't know how to make it, yeah.
STERN: Like, hey, man @#!* that.
SAL: And how are you showering?
HIPPIE GIRL 2: ahh, I have a house in Queens, so...
STERN: there you go.
SAL: Cool.
HIPPIE GIRL 2: I guess whenever I go feed my cat, that's when I shower.
RICHARD: Do you poop here or do you poop in Queens?
HIPPIE GIRL 2: I poop anywhere, as long as I got baby wipes.
RICHARD: How can we fix this economy?
HIPPIE GIRL 2: I say abolish money.
Other girls: yeah!
SAL: Cool.
HIPPIE GIRL 2: We don't need money...
STERN: Right.
HIPPIE GIRL 2: In order to...
HIPPIE GIRL 2: establish a good living...
HIPPIE GIRL2: Like, there's enough food and...
STERN: Yeah because people are gonna make baby wipes for free.
HIPPIE GIRL 2: supplies to go around for everybody except...
STERN: Cool. Good.
HIPPIE GIRL 2: Its @(#*'ed up how we have to pay to live you know, you know what I mean? If we all just ration !#@* out...
STERN: Like com- like in Russia!
HIPPIE GIRL 2: more than the other, I mean I guess...
STERN: Send her to Russia.
HIPPIE GIRL 2: I guess my ideals, I like to live my...
STERN: Toilet paper.
HIPPIE GIRL 2: ...life more like Commie Socialists? But its like...
STERN: Cool.
HIPPIE GIRL 2: ..its @(*&ed up how we have to slave in order to live.
STERN: Yeah, that slaving is really sucky you know I mean you - )@$! bosses... there are a lot of filthy, dirty hippies hanging around who have no clue what's going on whatsoever in the world. I'm telling you it was one after another.
ROBIN: Well again I don't know what they did, I don't know who they saw, I don't know how many people they talked to but there are some serious people down there.
STERN: they went through about a hundred fifty people, we- we- we-
ROBIN: I don't know that Sal and Richard are that ambitious.
STERN: Well I quite frankly found that Richard don't even know what's going on down there.
Female: Laughs.
STERN: Richard, Sal, you used to work on Wall Street, do you have any clue what's going on? He's like "its somethin' with money."

SAL: What are you uh protesting here today?
HIPPIE GIRL 3: ah, Wall Street.
RICHARD: What do you want them to do?
HIPPIE GIRL 3: I want to ah
STERN: Yeah (laughs)
HIPPIE GIRL: show awareness and talk to other people and explain y'know, like why we're here...
STERN: (laughs)
HIPPIE GIRL 3: ...and the reasons for, and get other people to think about it and maybe...
SAL: Cool.
HIPPIE GIRL 3: like, maybe like change their opinion on the whole thing also.
SAL: do you have a job?
RICHARD: What would you do to fix the ailing US economy?
HIPPIE GIRL 3: What would I do to fix it? More equality, no sexis.. sexism in the ah work, work force, the jobs and stuff?
STERN: Yeah, that's whats holding her back, cause she's a woman.
HIPPIE GIRL 3: More equal rights?
STERN: The fact that she's an imbecile has nothing to do with it.
ROBIN: she sounds like a beauty contestant...
STERN: Yeah.
ROBIN: ...it sounds like one of those interviews on the Miss America pageant.
STERN: I think we should get rid of hate to fix the economy.
ROBIN: (laughs)
SAL: How much money should Wall Street perso... (fades out)
STERN: I dunno it goes on and on, you can't find a person down there - ah this is great, its like Woodstock down there now.
ROBIN: Yeah, they have a beating drum that goes on...
STERN: (laughing) yeah...
ROBIN: ...all the time, all the time.
And every interview was with some vapid hippie who was certain they were doing something terribly important but couldn't articulate exactly what that was. I mean sure, you can protest "look, they're deliberately picking the most vacuous and stupid people every time for interviews because its funny and makes them look bad" and maybe so, but there's a problem with that theory even if its true.

Take the Tea Party Movement. You could ask anyone there, no matter who, and they have a good idea why they are there and what they are trying to accomplish. They are informed, motivated, and focused. These guys? You can pick someone at random from the crowd and get someone just like these fools on pretty good odds.

And that's the problem. Nobody really knows what this is about. This is the blank template protest: people are writing what they want it to be about and believe it should be about from the outside, just like they did when they voted for Barack Obama. Most of the people at the movement don't really know what this is about, and the ones who think they do conflict with each other. This is about getting Jews out of Israel, no its about redistributing wealth, no its about equality, no its about how evil banks are, no its about jobs, no... well you get the idea. There's no coherent, focused idea here.

But people not at the movement think its about whatever is bothering them. They believe it is about bailouts, or their mortgage, or about rich people having too much money, or what have you. They apply their personal grudge on this blank canvass of dirty hippies beating drums and making jazz hands out in the rain while defecating on cop cars and strewing trash on the streets.

These people that were interviewed were educated and reasonably articulate, this wasn't example after example of some street dweller that was hallucinating or could barely speak. They went to school, they have homes and families and lives. They just never learned how to think. They can't articulate or explain what they are doing or why because they never learned to organize their mind and critically analyze what they are doing or believe in.

And that's a massive failure of the education system. There's another massive failure here, too. Their parents and the society around them did not prepare them for life.

I've been saying this over and over whenever the topic comes up. All those kids we watched and said "what's going to happen when they get to real life?" Now we know. This is what happens. They were raised to carefully protect their self esteem, they were coddled to make sure they wouldn't ever fail, they were given awards for mediocre or second-place performance, they were told they were winners when they lost, they were given everything they wanted, and now they want - they demand life goes on just like that.

The girl so very frustrated that we have to work to eat, that we can't just sit down and have someone prepare food and put it in front of her and give her a home is a perpetual child. Someone, somewhere, has to work to make all this happen. It sucks that you have to grind your life out working hard until you die, but that's how life is.

If everyone stopped working and just "shared" what was out there, eventually what was out there would be used up. Because someone has to produce something for it to be around for others. And their work should be rewarded, not seized and handed out. That's not just unfair, its immoral; it is theft.

The one girl who said she didn't want to work for a boss had a glimmer of the right idea: get paid for how hard you work, make your own way. But she's not, she's just out there wanting to have the money without having to go get it. If she wants to be her own boss, the time to start is yesterday, working hard every day, not standing around in a drum circle talking with her gal pals about how mean it is that some people have more than them.

They demand fairness but what they really mean is "give me stuff I didn't earn." They demand equality, but what they really mean is "just make sure we all have the same amount regardless of what we do or how we produce. They demand the benefits of modern society without lifting a finger to produce them. They are children who refuse to grow up, and the Democratic Party sees this as a wonderful, powerful movement to help them gain power.

Unlike the Tea Party movement, which was made up of angry, fed up adults, this is made up of children who are frustrated that life won't fit what they wish it to be. They aren't constructive or beneficial to society, they're destructive and corrosive. And while I agree with some of the things they say they want, the reasons why they want it and their solutions are utterly bad for America and the culture as a whole.

And the people supporting them are either too ignorant to understand that, so starry-eyed over the right kind of protest, unlike those evil Tea Partiers, or simply crass manipulative political types who are taking advantage of this for their personal advancement.

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