Monday, October 31, 2011


"The sky is falling! You must create a world government made up of enlightened people like me!"

Overpopulation myth
Supposedly today, the seven billionth baby has been born, increasing our world population over that number. As expected the usual suspects are trotting out all the same old overpopulation lines they've been using since before the planet had one billion people living on it, warning that we're doomed soon, very soon, if we don't do what they command.

And what do they command? Well, as Steven Den Beste notes at Powerline:
...a benevolent world dictatorship of the enlightened elite, and mass transfer of wealth from rich nations to poor nations.

That’s what they want to do about global warming. It’s what they wanted to do about overpopulation. It’s what they wanted to do about endangered species.

Its always the same answer, to every crisis they claim. Always the same basic solution: give me world power to establish a socialist redistribution scheme. Global cooling, starvation, lack of fresh water, acid rain, uneven tire wear, you name it.

One almost gets the impression that the alleged crisis isn't really the point at all. That it is just a means to an end.

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