Wednesday, October 26, 2011


"One of those men who was known by all as much for his humor, enthusiasm, and loyal friendship, as he was for his unparalleled skill and bravery under fire,'

'He is irreplaceable in our formation and in our hearts."

Sgt Kristoffer Domeij is one of the most decorated war heroes of the war on terror, having been awarded a purple heart, three bronze stars, a meritorious service metal, a joint commendation metal, an army commendation metal, an army achievement metal and several other prestigious awards. As a paratrooper and Army Ranger, Domeij saw a lot of action, heading back into the war fourteen tours.

Sargent Domeij was killed by a Taliban IED along with Lieutenant Ashley White and Private 1st Class Christopher A. Horns. Domeij's CEO said:
Sgt. Domeij was the prototypical special operations NCO... veteran of a decade of deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan and hundreds of combat missions.

His ability to employ fire support platforms made him a game changer on the battlefield — an operator who in real terms had the value of an entire strike force on the battlefield.
Since no one in Hollywood seems to think there are any heroic stories to tell in this decade-long war, we have to do what we can to pass on the stories ourselves.

Rest in peace, Sgt Domeij, and thank you and your family for your service. God bless them all and bring them home safe and sound.

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Scoti Springfield Domeij said...

Thank you so much for remembering my son. RLTW!