Friday, October 07, 2011


"But its haaaaaard!!"
-petulant child

Whiny Chump
Rush Limbaugh a few days ago said something I thought was pretty funny; he referred to the "Occupy Wall Street" group and said "Thirty years ago, 25 years ago, the children, we must do it all for the children. Okay. Well, the little schlubs have grown up and they're down on Wall Street... There are they are."

And he's right, for decades we've been raising generations with increasing isolation from disappointment, discomfort, and failure. Kids graduate from 2nd grade, they get awards for coming in second in a softball game. We pass kids who can't spell because we don't want to hurt their feelings.

And now they're grown up and upset that reality doesn't match that bubble wrap world they were raised in. You have to pay your bills. You don't get things for free. You fail, you make mistakes, you get things wrong and have consequences to your actions. Their reaction isn't to grow up, its to demand people keep protecting them from reality.

Going into debt for a college education isn't new, losing your job isn't new, having to scrape to make ends meet isn't new, what's new is the whiny childish cries that everyone needs to fix things so they have it easy and don't have to strive to achieve goals, like back when they were kids.

You know what everyone before you spoiled, whiny brats did when things got hard? Rolled up their sleeves and worked until the problems were solved. They didn't cry to big government to fix everything, they didn't demand everyone else pay their big bills, they acted like adults and handled the situation themselves.

Grow up.

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