Tuesday, October 25, 2011


"It will be interesting to compare the amount of coverage generated by the two protests."

The Occupy movement has hit other nations, who disgruntled with bankers and mortgage lenders, are looking for someone to blame for their economic situation. Like the US ones they tend to ignore the problems their own government caused and the fault of leftist policy in the situation, but as I have written about before, its not like bankers are blameless, either.

However, this is something I've wondered about in the past without any real answer: why do some protests and actions get more attention than others? Consider this from Daniel Hanahan in England:
It's not clear exactly how many people are encamped next to St Paul's Cathedral. Most estimates put the number at between 200 and 400, depending on precisely what time of day you do the headcount. What is clear is that there are presently many more people in Westminster demanding a referendum on EU membership than in the City complaining about capitalism.
The occupy gets plenty of press but the anti-EU protest gets basically ignored. Its very difficult to avoid the impression that the press covers at least some events based on their personal preference and what they'd prefer get notice than the significance of the event.

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