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I am governor Jerry Brown
My aura smiles and never frowns
-Dead Kennedies, "California Uber Alles"

Unauthorized workers, what does that term mean to you? It has to at least include illegal aliens, and any non citizen here without a work visa. According to the Inspector General for the Treasury Department:
Individuals who are not authorized to work in the United States received billions of dollars from the IRS last year in a refundable tax credit based on earned income called the Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). The study ... found that claims for this credit by these individuals have escalated sharply from $924 million in 2005 to $4.2 billion in 2010.
Darn those Inspectors General, they keep finding out things that are embarrassing and problematic in the federal government.

Anonymous is a group of perverts and hackers from the image swapping website 4chan that band together to attack people they don't like. Usually this involves idiotic behavior like singing Rick Astley songs at someone or hacking their webpage and putting something odd on it. One of their identifying characteristics is wearing Guy Fawkes' masks, as a way of concealing their identity. Anonymous thinks they're sticking it to the establishment and showing how they aren't part of the system that crushes your soul Fight Club style. But The New York Times reported something hilarious recently:
What few people seem to know, though, is that Time Warner, one of the largest media companies in the world and parent of Warner Brothers, owns the rights to the image and is paid a licensing fee with the sale of each mask.
Oh, yeah, you're really sticking it to the man.

Labor Day, a day to celebrate unions and organized labor by... not working. Really its the most appropriate memorial possible; a day of no labor to commemorate unions. There are parades held, and this year, the organizers told Republicans that they weren't welcome to the parade in Wisconsin because of how mean they were to unions. Well frankly I'm amazed they would let any Republicans go in the parade to begin with, or that any Republicans would want to.

California, that used to be a state that was a great place to live. Ace of Spades HQ has a rundown of idiotic laws the state is working on:
  • The fitted sheet law I wrote about in a previous WATN wrapup passed the state senate
  • AB 889 would require babysitters to have a lunch and break every 2 hours, plus someone to cover their sitting duties while on break. Plus, the people hiring the sitter have to keep hours, pay workers comp fees, and overtime.
  • Another bill would ban all styrofoam containers in the state.
Small wonder business and people are fleeing California. They're deliberately trying to destroy the state. But then, that was obvious when they reelected Jerry Brown.

Remember the online sales tax that California passed and drove Amazon out of the state? citizens of California are working on a ballot measure to repeal the tax, and they're being opposed by leftists in the state legislature. Their plan is to pass a new version with an "urgency" clause, which would require a 2/3 majority vote in the legislature to revoke and could not be removed by ballot measure. Because they're not representatives of the people and that tax is so urgent, apparently.

Meanwhile, under pressure and public outrage, the legislature was finally forced to reveal their personal budgets and spending as legislators. How unreasonable of people to want to know how their tax dollars are being spent.

Wind power is a dream of many environmentalist types, but Christopher Booker points out a few problems with that dream in Britain:
The Government talks of building 10,000 windmills capable of generating up to 25,000MW of the electricity we need. But when it does so, it – like the BBC – invariably uses that same trick of referring to “capacity”, without explaining that their actual output would be well below 30 per cent. (Last year, onshore turbines generated just 21 per cent of their capacity.)

In other words, for all that colossal expenditure – and even if there was the remotest chance that two new giant turbines could be built every day between now and 2020 – we could only hope to generate some 6,000MW. This is not only way below our EU target, it is only a tenth of our peak demand during those cold, windless weeks last winter, when wind power was often providing barely 1 per cent of the power we needed.
The cost for these mills? £140 billion, £5,600 for every household in the country (roughly 226 billion dollars, and $9000 per house). Why on earth is Britain doing this? Because the EU requires them to produce 30% of their total energy output with "renewable" energy sources by 2020.

That's not all the EU is doing to its people. A mass of 1,000 pipi-strelle bats invaded a woman's home in Aberdeeen, Scotland, and because they are a protected species, she had to leave. She couldn't move them, she couldn't chase them out, she had to move out of her own home. Over bats. "After having one crawling over me, I have developed a fear of bats. They are horrible. I hate them," said Allison Murray. Yeah I can see that.

CERN released their report finally, and it drives a truck-sized hole through the global warming alarmist theories, but isn't as complete a repudiation as some are saying. Basically the report demonstrates convincingly that cosmic rays are a primary device in forming clouds, and thus moisture, cooling, and warming are all affected. Thus, solar activity is a major influence - the largest influence, in fact - on global climate. However, this information is very uncomfortable for the alarmist community, and as Nigel Calder reports, they did everything they could to prevent the study from being even started. CERN its self tried to not even do the study, and delayed it so that it took a year to finish.

Parents, they just don't understand, according to Will Smith. Take the horrible mother of the Miner kids, who committed such horrific acts as:
  • telling her then 7-year-old son to buckle his seat belt or she would contact police
  • "haggling" over the amount to spend on party dresses
  • calling her daughter at midnight to ask that she return home from celebrating homecoming
  • failing to buy toys for one child
  • sending a birthday card one didn't care for because it had no money in it
So clearly, the only answer is to sue her. Their divorced dad started the lawsuit with the kids, because she was such a ghastly mom. That some spoiled kids and vindictive ex husband might do this is not surprising, but why in hell is a court even hearing this case?

Newsweek has been reduced to one magazine every once in a while, and they've specialized in absurd covers and ludicrous stories such as "what would Princess Diana be like now if she'd lived?" and "isn't Michelle Bachmann a crazy bitch?" Despite this lurid and attention-grabbing fare, Newsweek is not doing well. Lucia Moses notes at AdWeek that they're selling only around 40,000 copies each print run, although it is up a bit from before they started this nonsense.

MSNBC is pretty much a joke unless you're a really hardcore leftist political zealot. And they've carved a nice niche of 87 or so viewers a night with that demographic. However, because its left-leaning, it seems surprising to have the New York Times carry a piece that includes these lines:
In the evening at least, MSNBC is less a news provider than a carousel of liberal opinion — potential conflicts of interest are swept aside in the swirl of excitable guests.

Unfortunately, so is conflict. There is almost no real debate on any of these evening shows: a conservative is brought on and put on the spot, then in a different segment two people who agree with the host on a given issue answer the host’s questions, usually, with words like “you’re so right.”
This doesn't surprise me as much as, say, Newsbusters where I got this story. After all, if there's one thing print news hates more than their political enemies, its competition; and they've always held TV news in contempt.

The first Blues Brothers movie was a lot of fun, it was silly and crazy and had lots of great music. The second was pretty lousy, like someone making a movie based on what they vaguely remember of the first, but with less talent as a writer. Now Akroyd wants to make a TV series based on the Blues Brothers. The pitch? Route 66 meets Glee. But, hopefully, less gay and with better music.

Unable to get a law passed to eliminate the secret ballot unions fought so hard to get but now want to get rid of, the Obama Administration is trying to remove it by executive order. Matthew Boyle writes at The Daily Caller:
The first and likely most controversial NLRB ruling overturned a 2007 decision that gave workers nationwide the right to protect themselves from union bosses’ bullying and coercive tactics with secret ballot elections.

Via its newly-decided Lamons Gasket case, the NLRB eliminated the 2007 Dana Corp ruling, which the National Right to Work Foundation said protected workers from “coercive practices” union organizers often used to “bully or mislead employees.”

On Tuesday the NLRB also decided that unionized workers should be forced to wait a “reasonable amount of time” before booting a union after a change of ownership at their shop. The UGL-UNNICO Service Company ruling means employees will have to wait an extended period of time before removing an unwanted union if their company’s ownership changes.
Its almost as if they have a hardcore union backer in charge of the NLRB - oh wait, they do. Really, who needs congress if you are the Obama administration? Just make law by regulation.

Speaking of Hilda Solis, she recently bought a Chrysler to prove she's such a big time American union supporter. She proudly announced the purchase and how she's buying American to help American workers. Turns out the car she bought was made in Canada, of course. Well, that's part of North America so technically....

Remember the Ground Zero Mosque? Supporters are finally admitting that, yes, its a mosque. Now the backers have applied for a $5 million grant of federal funds. These funds aren't supposed to be allowed for religious activities and structures, which they promise would not be the case. For a mosque. Well, why not try, its clear the New York government and Obama Administration is going to bend over backward to coddle this project and assist it.

Remember the IPhone 2? When it was in development and a worker "accidentally" left a fully functional prototype in a coffee shop? It was big news, and people released all this information about it. Well... it happened, again. In a coffee shop. I wonder if the worker said "oops" really loud before leaving it behind.

Carnival rides are somewhat less than totally safe to begin with (I recall my brother telling me they were partly put together by cotter pins), so they have various rules to keep riders safer. One such rule banned any hats or head coverings, and a Muslim went nuts when told she couldn't ride it and wear her scarf. Most folks would shrug and go somewhere else, but Muslims at this amusement park. And as Ann Althouse notes, headlines like the Daily News don't help:
Muslims, police scuffle at Rye Playland over amusement park's head scarf ban
Hey, guess what, I'd have to take off a baseball cap, fedora, or Stetson as well. Way to play into the Muslim grievance machine, you fools.

Cops don't care for you recording their work, and in a sense I sympathize. They have a tough job and everyone's constantly trying to find fault. I remember an outside shopping event a store I worked at when the boss sat directly behind me. I told him it made me nervous, and he cracked about a guilty conscience, but its just unnerving to have someone scrutinize your work, looking for fault (even if it only feels like they are). However, publicly filming someone is perfectly legal, and reactions like this one make the police and the city government look like tyrannical asses:
42-year-old Michael Allison of Illinois could spend the rest of his life in prison for recording police in public. He faces five counts of eavesdropping, a class one felony.
Giving someone 75 years in prison for taping a cop? As Glenn Reynolds says "To even consider such charges is to prove oneself unfit for public office of any kind."

Teacher's Unions are not very popular in America these days. Finally people are realizing there's a difference between disliking what unions do and disliking the people who are part of a union. The NEA collects millions of dollars in dues every year, but according to a recent report, only 4% of those dues actually go to improve the state of teachers and workers in the union. Meanwhile, the three top NEA bosses make seven figure salaries every year.

Spokane's atheists are buying advertising on the sides of buses, with bits like "Are you good without God? Millions are." What I can't figure out is what exactly they're advertising. The people behind it say they want to "let non-believers know there's a community for them, too." Except there isn't an atheist community, just some people who refuse to be part of organized religion. That's like saying there's a community of people who don't watch sports on TV.

President Obama has a big job speech coming up. He has been attacking congress for not doing anything about jobs and claims he's got the answer he will call for them to follow. So if he has this big super genius idea, where has it been the last 2 1/2 years? And as Professor Jacobson at Legal Insurrection says, if this is so important and effective, why haven't you been pushing for it until now, doesn't that mean it just wasn't a priority for you before?

Stories of UN Peacekeepers sexually abusing young people and children where they are active aren't new, but they keep popping up. This time its from the Ivory Coast, where these blue helmeted scum were trading food for sexual favors.

South Africa's government has lost control of parts of its cities, where armed gangs of thugs move around taking what they want and killing people, particularly whites. The government has been buying farms from whites and given or sold it to blacks for a cut rate. Most of these plots have then been sold back to the whites primarily because these blacks don't know anything about farming and just want money.

According to a new report, Solar Energy isn't as green as it seems.
A study by Chris Cherry, assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering, found that solar power heavily reliant on lead batteries has the potential to release more than 2.4 million tons of lead pollution in China and India.
Lead poisoning and horrible environmental damage in China? Inconceivable!

And that's the Word Around the Net for September 2, 2011.

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Philip said...

Couple of quick things.

The 'fitted sheets' deal? I recall someone mentioning it had the backing of a hotel workers union. What it translates to is a future bargaining point that it either will take two workers to make a bed, or that the time required to clean and prepare a room will have to increase.

AB 889 is also a union backed deal. Not so much for the benefit of the baby sitter as the professional caregiver (and union member).

Lastly - surely you meant "Michelle Bachmann" and not "Sarah Bachmann"?