Monday, September 12, 2011


Ace of Spades HQ has something I wanted to pass along. Its from Larry O'Connor, who remind us of something a lot of people want to forget:
Three years ago our country dozed off. We thought that if we elected a man who talked nice to our enemies (take a look at what candidate Obama said about unconditional talks with North Korea, Iran and Venezuela) and pronounced “Pahk-eee-stahn” like a local we’d somehow steer clear of terrorist attacks. The fact is the world is much more dangerous now than it was three years ago. We are less popular in the Arab world than before we hired citizen of the world Obama to be our Commander-in-Chief.

And as President Obama implores Americans to heed the call of 9/11 and volunteer at a soup kitchen, our enemies are plotting their next devastating attack on us.

9/11 was a declaration of war. We answered. Then we turned our back. What will happen next?

Too many people are treating 9/11 like a memorial service for people who died in a car crash or from cancer. They were murdered by a brutal group of people who still want to kill us if we will not submit to their radical, crushing religion. That has not changed, and pretending otherwise will not make it go away.

These scumbags made their point very clear, and like President Bush said, we hear you. And they have heard from us. We're not done talking yet.

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