Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We call it pop around here, and Pepsi outsells Coke unlike the rest of the nation. As far as I know they call it "soda" through most of Canada.


Eric said...

It's changed here in Oklahoma now, most people call it a "soft drink" if they are using the generic term. But when I was growing up, even if you went to the drive through at McDonald's you often had this conversation:

"What would you like to drink with that?"

"A coke."

"What kind?"

"Dr. Pepper"

Nowadays if you say you want a coke you're going to get a Coke.

Alex VanderWoude said...

Nah, everywhere I've ever been in Canada we call it "pop". I'm not sure what they say in Quebec, but in the English speaking parts I'm pretty sure they say "pop" as well.