Tuesday, September 27, 2011


"Use Mike's trick to hide the decline"

Its been a few years now, so people might be forgetting warmaquiddick and the scandal at Eastanglia Climate Unit. Some might be young or new enough to this that they aren't aware of what Michael "Piltdown" Mann did with his allies there.

This video is from Berkeley University, one of the most leftist places on earth. Professor Richard A. Muller is a climate alarmist, he believes that humans are producing so much CO2 that we are causing unnatural and dangerous warming on the planet.

What he has a problem with is the way that Michael "Piltdown" Mann and the rest of the crew at ACU did their math and how they acted when confronted on the topic:

In other words, he's a mad scientist, a man who recognizes bad science when he sees it and rejects it no matter how it supports his position on the topic.

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