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"I'm going to challenge my colleagues, do they stand for transparency or behind secrecy?"
-Assemblyman Anthony Portantino (D)

USB poser
Some clever engineers came up with a posable model you can plug into your USB port. I have a wooden and wire manequin I can use to pose to help me visualize how a human figure looks, they make all sorts of these such as horses, and they're very useful. This one helps computer artists create a 3-d model for animation.

Animating children isn't enough for some. In the UK a wigged judge told a defendant in a trial that she didn't criticize him “for being a teacher who’s attracted to children. Many teachers are but they keep their urges under control both when it comes to children and when it comes to images of children,” Guess what: I do, that's sick and disgusting. I seriously doubt "many" children are sexually attracted to children but I wonder if this sick judge is. Why do I say so? This isn't her first brush with a pedophile, according to the Telegraph:
In 2008, she allowed former headmaster Phillip Carmichael to walk free from court after accepting that medication for Parkinson’s disease had turned him into a paedophile.

Sentencing a bus driver to ten-months in jail in 2006 for abusing a 12-year-old girl, the judge acknowledged that she felt “obliged” to lock him up because of “current views about sentences”.

“I have a record of trying to suspend sentences in cases like this and them ending up in the Court of Appeal,” she told Robert Prout, following a public outcry over the brevity of prison sentences for sex offenders.
Sick, disturbing. Monty Python had an ongoing sight gag where they had judges as terribly effeminate, even gay figures wearing women's underwear under their robes. Maybe they were on to something.

Yet as bad as that is, its not terribly surprising. As Mark Shea writes about, there is an undercurrent of quietly trying to normalize this kind of perversion. From Roman Polanski's "not rape rape" of a young teenage girl to Bill Pullman's sect Mormon in Big Love, the idea of sexual activity between younger and younger people and adults is on the rise. After all its worked so well with previous sexual perversions...

Now, a quick run down of Environmental news:
  • NASA study undermines the usual understanding of the greenhouse effect.
  • As I've noted before, high temperatures cause CO2 increases in the atmosphere, not the other way around. A recent study proves that yet again.
  • For nine straight summers, the temperature has been below the long term average above 80 degrees north (i.e. the arctic).
  • Tim Blair has a hilarious roundup of dozens of "first casualties" of global warming, ranging from the golden toad in 2001 to California Mussels in 2011.
  • Danish scientists released a study showing that arctic ice was half as thick 5000 years ago.
  • The claim of pollution causing increased instance of athsma faces problems in this study.
  • Its gotten so bad for the alarmist that even NPR's latest report on drought fails to mention global warming, just La Nina.
How did Al Sharpton possibly get a job at MSNBC? He's demonstrated a remarkable ignorance about nearly every issue and confusion when he talks about almost everything on the show so far. Well, it appears that the job was part of the deal for Comcast to take over NBC. Never let it be said that President Obama doesn't help his friends.

Speaking of helping friends, the Obama Administration and Democrat majority in congress has been very generous to La Raza. According to Tom Tancredo,
While our nation is going broke, the National Council of La Raza is doing just fine. Since Obama and Munoz took up the white house, they have seen their funding skyrocket, nearly tripling from 4.5 to 11 million dollars in 2010. Judicial Watch also found out that the La Raza affiliate, Chicanos por la Causa received over 18 million dollars of tax dollars. That group was the primary plaintiff against Arizona’s law against illegal employers.
Well those hispanic votes won't buy themselves.

David Wu finally has officially resigned. The lunatic sex fiend Oregon Democrat was one of the more reliable hard left votes, but Democrats never fear: he'll be replaced by a vote that's as least as reliable, I'm confident. Assuming he actually ever leaves office.

Some guy got a clever idea to make a rubber stamp that reads "TAX CHEAT" for people to stamp that on money they find with Tim Geithner's signature on it. Totally unrelated to this news, the same man was recently audited by the IRS. What's government for if you can't use it to punish enemies?

Meanwhile, the Obama administration has decided that cereal is bad for kids, so it has to be restricted in terms of advertising. Some of the cereals are the less healthy kind such as Captain Crunch but included in the restriction are Cheerios, Raisin Bran, Special K, Rice Krispies, and Wheaties. This will prevent companies from advertising them in anything even slightly targeted at kids (20% of the estimated target audience). When you think the Presidency has no real power, think again.

Although I linked to this in my Tea Hatred post yesterday, it deserves more specific attention. Walter Russel Meade notes why it is that "progressives" are so out of touch with America and most voters; its because they like us are suspicious of business, but unlike us, think government is noble, good and untouched by corruption, greed, and badness.
But the state and its servants do not, in Greenberg’s story, constitute a special interest of their own.

This is not how voters see it. For large numbers of voters the professional classes who staff the bureaucracies, foundations and policy institutes in and around government are themselves a special interest. It is not that evil plutocrats control innocent bureaucrats; many voters believe that the progressive administrative class is a social order that has its own special interests.
The problem isn't money in politics corrupting noble and selfless bureaucrats, its politicians.

Related is this article by Charles Lane in the Washington Post (also linked in the Tea Hatred piece). Once he gets his "I hate the Tea Party too" bona fides out of the way he remarks on the insane hatred suddenly arising on the left:
What we do know, more or less, is that between now and October 2012, it will reduce federal outlays by $25 billion, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Given federal spending of more than $3.8 trillion, that is a rounding error — not “blowing up the country.”

There are real terrorists out there: Hezbollah, Hamas, al Qaeda, Iran’s rulers. Yet some of the same people who are slapping the “terror” label on the Tea Party and condemning Obama for dealing with them also advocate outreach to Mideast terrorists, if not to negotiate with them, at least to understand of what makes them tick.

Nocera’s colleague Tom Friedman, for example, has excoriated the Tea Party as the “Hezbollah faction” of the Republican party but has also argued that the U.S. must not isolate Mideast radicals if they are “change agents who are seen as legitimate and rooted in their own cultures.”

“They may not be America’s cup of tea,” Friedman instructed. “But we need to know about them, and understand where our interests converge — not just demonize them all.”

Shouldn’t progressives extend the Tea Party that same courtesy, given that they are at least, you know, Americans?
Yeah well... this isn't about logic or reason. Its blind, terrified panic and rage that things didn't work out like they planned.

Leftists want everyone to think that it was the intractable, inflexible Republicans who wouldn't work with President Obama, but in fact both sides in congress asked him to leave the negotiations. Why? I suspect it has a lot to do with Obama's approach. It may work to get elected to follow Rules for Radicals but you can't negotiate by continually antagonizing your opponent.

The National Endowment for the Humanities handed out $40 million in grants recently, $3.2 to California alone. Not only is this entire department unconstitutional but really, is that something the federal government needs to be spending money on, when we're almost 15 trillion dollars in debt?

Something I've been pushing everywhere I have a forum is that for lawmakers to prove they are serious about budget cuts and sacrificing when everyone else is asked to, they should start with their own budgets. California's assembly, however, refuses to even share their budgets with the public. None of the voters' business.

Although its not getting much notice, there was a huge cyber attack on US computer networks recently. PC Magazine reports:
The five-year stealth attack hit 72 organizations around the world - including the US Government, the UN, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the World Anti-Doping Agency and a slew of tech and defense companies, according to security firm McAfee.
China literally declared cyber war against the US years ago, but we keep treating the nation as our best buddy. How far do they have to go for the US government to start treating China as a hostile nation?

Meanwhile, Rush Limbaugh is concerned about the future of Taiwan as an independent nation. With the US increasingly in debt to China, any leverage we have to stop them from just moving a few miles over and taking the island they have always wanted is rapidly disappearing. Im amazed they haven't just done it; the present government wouldn't do a damn thing about it I'm not sure any would have since Reagan.

Electric cars just don't sell. This isn't part of some vast conspiracy, there isn't some oil company cabal keeping the electric car down. People just don't want them. For the month of July, the Chevy Volt sold a whopping 125 cars. The Nissan Leaf did a bit better, with 931 sales. I guess overpriced cars with a short range and no power just aren't very attractive to buyers.

Although the debt ceiling deal killed the Democrats' hope of raising taxes as a part of it, they haven't given up. Hapless wretch Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-NV) has vowed to raise taxes. He insists that the deal will require increased taxes but that cannot be done without an actual vote in congress, which will not pass.

Yet another bold bureaucrat has swiftly worked to block a lawbreaker in Iowa this time. The 4 year old girl was told to shut down her lemonade stand for lacking proper licenses and regulatory obedience by the police.

Surprisingly, Lolapolooza is still around, despite being basically irrelevant and "alternative" music begin totally co-opted by the music industry. For seven straight years, the organizers have had a deal where they don't have to pay the Amusement Tax which similar events have to pay. In totally unrelated news, the deal dates back to the first year that they hired Mayor Daley's nephew Mark Vanecko as a lobbyist and promoter. These guys are just like the Sopranos, but they have the law on their side.

Teachers' unions planned a march on Washington to support their spot at the trough. They promoted it as a "Million Teacher March" and it was supposed to be an enormous event. Called the Save Our Schools March, the intent was to preserve the status quo where unions control schools and even force them to buy union-based insurance plans. Like the "Million Man March" which pulled significantly less than a million (less than the Tea Party rally, in fact), this one drew not quite a million. They were only about 900,000 short.

Egypt continues to crumble into Islamic control as the hopes of Democracy and liberty are obliterated. It turns out a small group of social media hipsters can't really control anything, especially without any plans or leadership. Hardest hit: media types and the Obama administration who loved the idea of this revolution, but are seeing their statements like "Egypt’s Facebook-adept youth are not lining up behind the Muslim Brotherhood, itself scarcely a band of fanatics" turning out to be idiotically misguided.

According to profs and students who went to school with President Obama, he wasn't exactly a model prof's assistant. In fact, one of the profs said:
The Board told him he didn’t have to be a member of the faculty, but they needed to give him a temporary position. He was never a professor and was hardly an adjunct.

The other professors hated him because he was lazy, unqualified, never attended any of the faculty meetings, and it was clear that the position was nothing more than a political stepping stool..
This kind of stuff was easy to dig up, but the legacy media couldn't be bothered. It might have hurt their leftist messiah.

The Pew Research Center did a study on how other nations view the US, and Japan loves America, supposedly. Here's how it broke down:

When two nations love the US more than it loves its self, you know something is seriously wrong with US's popular culture and media. Self-loathing may be a sign of hip cynicism and faux sophistication but its not healthy for a country.

Favorable View of USAnd that's the Word Around the Net for August 5, 2011.

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