Friday, August 26, 2011


"What happened to your face?"

I wasn't feeling so great yesterday again, so I spent more time on the couch watching TV. I saw two lousy movies, but after watching them I liked each one. The first was The A-Team. I never have been an A-Team fan, I thought the show sucked worse than the Dukes of Hazzard even when I was young and it was running on TV. I didn't expect anything out of the movie, which probably made it seem less awful than it could be.

I wouldn't say A-Team was a good movie, it was worth 2, maybe 2 1/2 stars. But from reviews and comments I read online I expected it to be a horrible movie, and it wasn't. I enjoyed it more than the last Pirates of the Caribbean movie. I suppose not having any sort of attachment to the television show allowed me to watch the movie as it was rather than how it differed from the show.

Sure, they should have kept the van, and sure the movie had some plot holes (how was it that the supposedly brilliant leader who was always 3 steps ahead couldn't tell he was about to be wiped out by the CIA boss at the lake?). But it was entertaining and kept my interest. There were no moments I wanted to fast forward through the movie, and that happens a lot (such as in some better movies, like Inception).

For those who complained it wasn't enough like the TV show and ruined the entire concept: get a grip, the TV show was horrible.

The other movie was Jonah Hex. Now, this starred Josh Brolin, who is about as evil as they come in real life, given his political efforts to destroy America and corrupt every actor to a idiotic leftist worldview. And the movie was really difficult for Hollywood and probably a lot of viewers to pin down. It had its plot gaps too, and the big enemy's weapon wasn't just goofy but felt more like Wild, Wild West than anything else. At least there wasn't a gigantic mechanized steampunk spider. And yeah, the technology was just absurd; I liked the sight of a horse with twin gatling guns but that stretched the limits of credibility beyond talking to the dead to me.

But it was entertaining, and kept my interest. And there were plenty of "hey that was cool" moments in the film. Jonah was crusty and bitter and hard as titanium nails, and it was nice to see someone really cut loose without getting all misty eyed and worrying about their feelings. The movie was pretty quick and to the point and enjoyable.

Both movies totally bombed in the box office, they were panned by reviewers. I'd give them the same kind of rating, nothing terrible, but nothing really impressive either. I just expected them to be horrible but they weren't really.

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Marie said...

Well, I liked Waterworld and The Postman if I recall, and both were panned by critics.