Friday, August 12, 2011


It sound so strange but I heard it plain
Mistral Mistral wind
-Heart, "Mistral Wind"

There's a storm that can develop suddenly in the Mediterranean Sea called the Mistral. It used to be dreaded by sailing vessels as it would develop so suddenly and be so violent it would destroy ships and drive them onto rocks helpless before its force.

That has little to do with the salad I came up with, its just an interesting name. I try hard to get salad or vegetables into every meal even though they don't often get eaten by anyone but me, but sometimes we're low on greens and I have to get creative. I had some extra cucumbers from the garden my brother has built up, a lot of pepperoncini, and some other goods around. So I came up with this, on the hopes that it would be tasty.

It turned out great so I wanted to pass it along. As far as I know this recipe is unique. There are no measurements largely because I don't measure as I cook.

You will need:
  • Pepperoncini
  • Cucumber
  • Pineapple
  • Salt
  • Plain Yogurt
You take equal parts cucumber and pineapple chunks and chop them up about the same size (roughly half to three quarters of an inch).
De-seed and take the stems off pepperoncini, you'll want about half as much of the pepper as you do cucumber or pineapple.
Mix them together and dump a tablespoon or so of yogurt into the mix, and a sprinkling of salt. You only want enough salt to enhance the flavor, not to taste salty.

Mix and serve. Its best cold, and it has a slightly spicy, sweet, and great flavor that is unique. It doesn't really fit any culture or identity - its not even particularly Mediterranean, but the pepper, cucumber, and yogurt make it sort of Greek, so why not the name.


This is part of the Real Men Cook series.


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