Monday, August 15, 2011


Does it make sense to anyone that the left is so supportive of Arabic people calling for liberty, hoodies tearing apart and burning England, and nearly every public protest or march... and so filled with hate and fear about the Tea Party movement?

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Philip said...

Yes. It's all about power.

Arabs (or anyone for that matter) calling for liberty, if the dictator or government is backed by, or is friendly to, the West in some way, or it's a pet project of some celebrity (South Sudan). You won't see the left backing the Syrians, and they certainly didn't back the March 14 movement in Lebanon (or for that matter, the Green Revolution in Iran).

Hoodies? Because it justifies their belief that cutting 'social services' creates civic unrest (but not so much if the government is openly leftist).

Nearly every public protest or march? Because it's their 'crowd'; those that oppose the left are too busy trying to make a living to protest.