Thursday, August 18, 2011


"Personally, I look forward to regular accusations that I’m secretly gay because that’s one of the ways you can tell you’ve really made it."

Recently the Daily Kos had a few "diaries" which featured major GOP candidates at fairs eating corn dogs. This is the kind of folksy stuff candidates always do, showing off how down home and friendly they are to local voters. Of course, being immature idiots they compared the corn dog to male genetalia and showed the most unflattering pictures possible.

Some right-leaning bloggers cried in horror, telling candidates to stop going to fairs, stop eating corndogs, etc. John Hawkins at Right Wing News had the right response.

Corn Hole Obama

Doggin Obama

Oh no! Clearly President Obama should stop going to fairs! Someone might mock him on a website! Pathetic.

There is a place for pictures of people to mock them, though. Remember this image?

Where's my silver fork muffy
Kerry's team demanded no cameras at the event knowing he'd look as awkward and pathetic as he did. This image captured what most people thought about Senator Kerry: he's an effete hapless blue blood type that uses a fork to eat pizza.

There wasn't any need to comment on the picture, there wasn't any subtext thrown in to attack him, it was enough of an iconic image on its own. People responded to it not because they were led to by some juvenile blogger, but because it was self evident, like Dukakis in the tank. And, of course, there's this iconic picture of Senator McCain, again showing the man for who he is rather than needing someone to impose a meaning on it:

Angry McCain
Incidentally, Romney refused a cheese steak, proving he's not just a moderate left big government twit, but has no taste. He claimed the sandwich "had no nutritional value" which is asinine.

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