Monday, August 22, 2011


"Most of the officers are reluctant to use the cart"

Behold the new cop car for Fort Knox MPs:

MP Go Carts
These solar powered bad boys can hit speeds up to 20 miles an hour!

Look, MPs are pretty much looked down on by every soldier already without giving them a dorkmobile to slowly putter around in. Its like giving the Internal Affairs guys at a police station a nice big beanie with a propeller on top to wear. And the sticker that reads "Army Green, Army Strong" is just the icing on the cake. That crap reminds me of the psychologist in Robocop II who used the helpless cyborg as her social experiment to force him into behavior she preferred. Its exactly what she'd come up with and think was so very clever and deep.

Its not just Knox, either. Fort Sam Houston is getting these "Neighborhood Electric Vehicles." This is what happens when you get an administration more interested in political correctness and saving the planet than fighting wars and defending liberty. Make no mistake, soldiers know what's going on and despise it.


Philip said...

Just think of them as the heavy armor to the likely soon-to-come Segways...

Anonymous said... [b]bad site [/b]