Wednesday, August 17, 2011


"I think that if every naked picture of a baby looks like porn to you, then you’re the one who’s thinking like a pedophile...."
-Glenn Reynolds

Bunchen and boy
So Tom Brady went on vacation at Costa Rica and his 2 year old son went splashing around in the water with mommy. Someone took pics and one was posted on Barstool Sports by Dave Portnoy, one with the little boy starkers on the beach.

Outrage erupted! "Child porn!" they cried. Boston Attorney General Martha Coakley demanded the picture be taken down, sending police to the blogger's house. Yeah, that Martha Coakley, the one that lost to Senator Brown, a Republican. Here's the thing that caught my attention, though: Portnoy commented on the size of the little boy's little pee pee.

And this is something I've wondered about a few times in the past: why is it okay for people to discuss a little boy's naughty bits? You would never hear someone talk about a baby girl's parts, only a little boy's. What's up with that? Why is one socially acceptable and the other not? I mean, I get why you wouldn't draw attention to and discuss a little girl's bits, that's just creepy, so why a boy's? What about this seems reasonable to people?

Oh yeah, Brady's wife is hot supermodel Gisele Bundchen. Her parts interest me a lot more.


Joan of Argghh! said...

Even moms, amongst their day-care set, will titter about the little man-bits on their babies. I never would or could, thinking as you say, it's kind of demented.

(Someone explain the statues of "cherubs" peeing into fountains, please.)

Maybe it comes from some latent, occult nature in our being or culture that celebrates the Male as the heir to one's life and fortunes; celebrating the distinction that cannot be denied.

Eric said...

Not sure, but (and I admit this is really reaching) maybe it stems from the fact that little boys wing wangs are more functional that little girl bits. I remember being a kid and hanging out with my uncle who was an oilfield welder. If he was ever welding on something out in his pasture, it was my job to watch for errant sparks that landed in the grass and started smoldering. Of course, being a little boy in the country, I peed on the sparks. Seemed natural enough at the time, if not a bit redneck... but it would be weird to have a girl doing the same thing.

Philip said...

I'd go with the latent-nature aspect; the combination of wishing to pass along one's genetic legacy combined with the normal physical cues that come with it.

It's a much more earthy and male version of "Man, when your daughter grows up, you're gonna have trouble with the lads."