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"They are happy to sell us the bounty of energy they are tapping and will soon be the chief producer of such supplies in the world. It is unfortunate that this bonanza is taking place just when we have a White House with the most dysfunctional, anti-energy jobs policy in living memory."

Tar Sands
In 2009, President Obama complained that high gas prices were the result of the Bush administration and praised the 2009 budget (the one that started the vast bloat of debt on top of an already gargantuan one) that finally passed with his signature:
In Illinois and throughout the country, Americans share common hopes and common struggles. They are worried about keeping their jobs and being able to pay record gas prices and stay ahead of their mortgages and credit card bills and still have enough left over to make ends meet.
Yet gas prices are over 10% higher now than they were in January 2009 and they've gone down recently.

The media obsessed on how gas went over 3 dollars a gallon and how we were all doomed under President Bush. People are getting used to the idea of gas being closer to 4 dollars a gallon under President Obama and you simply do not see any stories in the press about the topic. Its not that high gas prices are suddenly harmless, its that the stories weren't about economics of the plight of people trying to make ends meet, they were plainly about toppling a political party which the legacy media despises.

There's an easy answer just at our doorstep. While we drill for more oil locally, we can buy gas from Canada. Canada has an immense oil supply just waiting for us to purchase. We haven't been because the oil sands are deemed ecologically dirty and we shouldn't mess our hands up with that.

Recently, Israel discovered an oil field under their country, ending the old joke about God giving them the one spot in the middle east without oil. Some have speculated that this would result in our ability to get oil from a friendly source, possibly end our massive military aid to the nation and replace it with petro dollars, and reduce our dependency on nations that hate us.

The problem with that theory is the same problem that we have with Canada's oil. The real opposition to cheaper, more plentiful gas that comes from a friend is that would destroy one of the left's arguments against using gas: that it helps terrorist-supporting despots in the middle east. Their concern isn't the people living under these despots or the terrorists, its that people are driving cars that use gas and we're all going to die because of it. As Al Gore said in the late 80's, the greatest threat to humanity is the automobile.

Compound that with a deep set animosity toward Israel by the left, and you can bet that purchasing oil from them would be immediately opposed by every leftist group on earth. They would claim that its bloody from the evil Joo's genocide on palestinians (a strangely ineffective one, after 40 years), that the process of getting the oil is somehow ecologically destructive, that we need to blockade Israel, not pay them, and so on. The fact that at its worst Israel is incredibly more beneficial and noble a place than, say, Syria, which we do get oil from is irrelevant to this cause.

Because this is about politics and power, not oil or the nations it comes from. This is about using politics to achieve a goal, by whatever means necessary. It isn't so much that most of these leftists actually do believe we're all going to die from some climate doom, its that they think using gas is damaging to the environment and its immoral to do so, and so we should use any method to stop it, even immoral ones. Because the goal is so just and righteous that anything you do to reach it is not just permissible but sanctified.

That's why Fracking - demonstrably harmless - to get the ocean of natural gas the US sits on is being demonized by the left. It would let us be self-sufficient, it would give us energy.

So the lies, hysteria, distortion, illogic, supporting evil, and anything else to stop the dependence of US on oil is perfectly fine. That (and Soros' huge investment) is why President Obama can at the same time shut down US drilling and condemn it as unsafe and dirty while sending billions to Brazil for even more unsafe and even more dirty drilling. If we got the oil here, it would be our economy that benefits, our children, our jobs. Getting oil from other nations has a stain on it that can be used as leverage to reduce or end dependency.

Or so the theory goes. Still, the left is starting to crumble. Nuclear power is losing its terrifying visage so carefully built up in the 70s by the left. Even the Washington Post recently ran a piece suggesting maybe we could use some of that Canadian oil after all.

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