Wednesday, August 17, 2011


“over the last six months, we’ve had a run of bad luck.”
-President Obama

"There is no such thing as luck. There is only adequate or inadequate preparation to cope with a statistical universe."
-Robert Heinlein

Bad Luck President
The president of the United States is on tour on a big black flag-free bus trying to tell everyone that the economic woes they're suffering from is everyone's fault but his own. His latest attempt to deflect blame: he's just unlucky. He lists the Japan Tsunami, Arab Spring uprisings causing instability and higher oil prices, the oil leak in the gulf, the European debt crisis and so on as things that just went wrong and how can you blame him?

The problem is this is basically an admission of having no leadership skills. He's basically telling people "vote for me because I can't handle things going wrong." And we could tell that already from his incompetent, delayed responses to various crises that have arisen. Voters should have already known about this. In 2008 I remember well the first major problem President Obama was expected to respond to.

Russia invaded Georgia, seized part of the territory, and took it from them. Its like the US invading Canada and taking part of British Columbia. Then-Senator Obama's response was "why can't we all get along?" and to condemn both sides. His polls dropped for the first time in the campaign, and McCain's numbers surged. People saw that response as exactly what it was: a worthless academic lefty who had no leadership skills. A man who didn't know what to do when things went wrong in the world.

But hey, he was hip and young and black and had a neat message and spoke well, and his opponent was an obnoxious crusty old dude that nobody really liked, so Obama won anyway. And continued this pattern. When the oil leak took place, his administration covered up how bad it was and delayed responding for over a week, then was incredibly slow to implement solutions, blamed everyone else, and even blocked some necessary responses over bureaucratic and ecological concerns. Its happened over and over.

Now, the economy is in bad shape and again, he's got no response, no leadership, and no solutions except to blame everyone else. He's trying to get people to blame the Tea Party Movement when this started before the movement even existed.

President Obama did "inherit" this mess. The economy collapsed at the end of President Bush's administration, whose response was idiotic (the TARP bailout). Yet inheriting a mess and not fixing a mess are two different things. Bush inherited a recession, too, one compounded by a massive terrorist attack. His leadership was to pull us out of it in two years. President Reagan inherited a recession, and he did the same thing.

President Obama made the recession worse with his idiotic policies, and with the other Democrats in congress plunged us into debt far deeper than even President Bush had. His policies have made businesses incredibly nervous and unwilling to take risks. His attempts to address the economy have extended, not healed the damage. And now, even as his administration puts out more regulations and more punitive restrictions on business, President Obama's response is to say "I couldn't help it! Its not my fault! You can't blame me, I didn't know what to do."

And he wants people to reelect him? Based on that?

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