Wednesday, August 24, 2011


If, say, a white congressional group that only accepted whites into its ranks criticized a movement largely made up of blacks, would that not be instantly identified and criticized as racist? I mean, a congressional white caucus would be instantly called racist to begin with.

But when the congressional black caucus continually attacks the Tea Party Movement, even telling it to 'go to hell' nobody seems to even consider that.


Vlad Z. said...

Yes of course the White Caucus would be endlessly harrassed by the MSM, pundits, politicians and everyone else.

It's a complete double standard, it's been in place for years, are you just noticing it now?

The result is that White people are not allowed to talk about their issues, to think of themselves as having a group identity (other than evil oppressors) or to organize around their issues.

And of course Whites self-censor on these topics. My rather pointed comments here on Maxine Water's original post, for instance, were not approved.

Christopher R Taylor said...

There's no approval process on this blog: your comments go through as you type them in or something goes wrong and they don't make it. I have to go through periodically and sweep up spam from older comments, but I don't have the time to really keep up.