Monday, August 15, 2011


Maetenloch at Ace of Spades gave me a plug for my book, which I greatly appreciate. If you haven't been or never read Ace, you really owe it to yourself to do so - and the comments. I know I hit that a lot, but the HQ has some of the best commenters and comments on the internet. I break out laughing out loud reading there every day, and learn a lot from the posts. Ace likes to present himself as a frat boy idiot, but he's a brilliant, very well-informed thinker and very good writer and while the commenter call themselves "morons" they're sharp, quick thinking and funny, something I'm not.

This isn't a plug because they linked me. Ace of Spades HQ is one of my every-day reads, several times a day. There's a reason he get a hundred times the hits I do. Read that blog and you'll bump shoulders with some very powerful and well-known people.

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skwilli said...

Ace is the Place. (I'll try this one too.) My own "tens" of readers will have to suffice.