Wednesday, July 27, 2011


"I fully acknowledge that I could have dealt with these difficult circumstances better, and I remain focused on being a good father to my children and a strong representative for the people of Oregon."

People keep talking about Wu having already resigned; he's still in office and will be for weeks at least. He's not going anywhere until the debt ceiling vote because the Democrats want a reliably leftist warm body in that seat until this big vote is over. He may have announced his resignation, but he hasn't resigned yet. Here's a few samples of Wu's career:
  • In 2007, Wu gave a speech on the floor urging Americans not to “let faux Klingons send real Americans to war.”
  • In October 2010, he admitted to using painkillers and accepting two oxycodone tablets from a donor just months after he told his Democratic colleagues that he had stopped drinking.
  • In February 2011, he sent an email to his staff posing as his middle-school-aged daughter and another posing as his son.
  • He sent a picture of himself wearing a tiger suit to his staff.
  • After staging two interventions, at least six of his most loyal staff members quit en masse in a last-ditch effort to urge him into treatment. They were so concerned about his mental health that they even researched available beds in psychiatric facilities in the Pacific Northwest.
  • He sent out emails as his middle school aged daughter attacking his staffers.
  • He send an infamous picture of him in a tiger suit - with no text - to staffers.
  • He went to Portland International Airport and convinced the TSA to let him through security unchecked then stood and campaigned exiting passengers in violation of law.
  • Several times his staffers physically took him to clinics and rehab centers pleading with him to enroll himself, and he refused. The final time he got out of the car and walked away.
  • At the end of his last campaign for his seventh term in office (yes, you read that right, this lunatic was reelected 6 times) his campaign shut down as his staffers hid him from public to conceal his insanity and drug use.
Portland: where it doesn't matter who you are or what you're like, you'll be elected if you're a Democrat. All this crazy behavior and drug use was apparently tolerable, but touch a girl and you're out.

For people who get their news from the legacy media: there's a reason this man is resigning from office. Many of you will be surprised to learn of his announcement, since several major outlets didn't bother covering anything he did before this point.

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