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"Sea levels rose at about 3m a century about 15,000 years ago."

Courtesy Ace of Spades HQ we get this graphic (click to embiggen) which shows real life, actual newspaper websites and the idiotic crap they put on them.

Lousy News Sites
Its bad enough your news is usually old and biased, but why make lousy websites with obnoxious features? Its like newspapers want to die. My experience with newspaper websites is that most of them make it hard to actually find any news you want to read.

Fast and Furious isn't just a B-movie with cars, its a government program to move guns to criminals. This program has been under close scrutiny for months now with little media coverage, but the latest news made it to NPR: whistleblowers are facing intimidation and being threatened with retaliation. Meanwhile congress investigates obstruction of justice by the Obama Justice Department. This was a scheme to gin up support for gun control that went bad. But if the Democrats learnede anything from President Clinton, its that if you stonewall long enough, you can ignore almost any charges.

Meanwhile, the State Department appears to have gotten in on the gun running business as well. A former El Paso USDA intelligence officer claims that the Obama State Department was running guns to the Zeta drug cartel, under a program that allows the State Department to negotiate weapons deals with foreign governments, not crime cartels.

More evidence that salt is not as harmful as previously believed has come out, this time in Scientific American. Doctors have long known there's little scientific evidence of a link between salt intake and high blood pressure, but have suggested cutting back just in case. The latest study demonstrates there is no such connection. That won't stop government drones like New York Mayor Bloomberg from insiting everyone but him cut back on their salt.

La Raza decided to hold a car show in Kent, Washington, the first one. This first annual car show had latin rap music, hot low riders, and lots of attendees, and ended in gunfire, bloodshed, and 12 wounded people.
A fight broke out just before the shooting, which occurred at the La Plaza shopping center, Kasner said. It is in the 23200 block of Pacific Highway South, where it meets the Kent-Des Moines Road.

Nine people — seven males and two females ranging from age 14 to 32 — were taken to Harborview Medical Center with injuries to arms, legs, feet and torso.
This area is a Seattle area "little Mexico" where people grow up generation after generation not even bothering to learn English and all the signs are in Spanish. I'm sure if the Klan held a white pride rally and 12 people ended up in the hospital it would be no particular cause for notice nationwide.

The highest paid actress in Hollywood is a tie between Angelina Jolie and Sarah Jessica Parker. I thought Mr Ed had been canceled decades ago. Also high on the list: Jennifer Aniston and another filly and former top paid actress Julia Roberts.
What if there was a way President Obama could create more than 100,000 jobs, reduce the price of gasoline at the pump, and reduce our dependence on foreign oil -- all at zero cost to taxpayers? Any sane president would jump at the chance, right? Not Obama. It has been 33 months since TransCanada filed for a permit from the State Department to begin construction on the Keystone XL oil pipeline. They are still awaiting final agency decision.
If they pretended they were Brazilian or got George Soros to invest in their scheme, they'd get their permits and even a grant from the US.

Weather has always been unpredictable and often catastrophic. At No Tricks Zone, P. Gosselin links a PDF runs down two thousand years of remarkable weather such as these events:
344 AD In England, hailstorm, "stones much bigger than hen's eggs."

585 AD “Western Europe was so rainy, that it could be confused with winter. The bulk of the rains this year caused rivers to overflow their banks and flood the fields and meadows. These floods seriously compromised the crop yields.”

Winter of 759/760 AD Frost in Britain continued from 1 October 79 through 26 February 760.

1186 AD “In Germany the winter was warmer than had known for a long time. The vegetation was very advanced. The harvest took place in May and the grape harvest in August. In France, the trees were blooming in the middle of winter.”

1498 AD England, the summer was hot, very dry and the food was very expensive. In France, it was so hot that the peasants had to douse their fields with water. The pressing of the grapes was finished in mid-September and the wine fell out very well. The harvest of Dijon, France did not take place until 26 September. The price of grain was high in France.
One of the greatest conceits of modern man is that the only time that matters is the present and anything that changes from what we're used to is unprecedented and unexpected. Lately, alarmists have insisted that the reason the warming they repeatedly warned of, their computer modeling predicted, and their speeches insisted was coming has not happened, is because of... pollution. They claim that aerosols in the atmosphere from Chinese coal burning is saving us from the warming that they previously claimed aerosols in the atmosphere from pollution of that sort was causing. Still with me? OK, the problem is, the amount of aerosols in the atmosphere of the type they credit with saving us temporarily from global climate doooom has been reducing the last 5 years. That's not all. The standard "greenhouse gas" estimates for the effects of CO2 on an atmosphere predict an increase of 1.6 degrees Celsius over the last 110 years. The real total gain? Half that: .8 degrees, assuming the data is accurate. It gets worse for the alarmist.
Few if any climate scientists would challenge the view that a further increase in concentration of carbon dioxide would cause further warming of the atmosphere that might be discerned.

However, empirical data from temperature measurements over time clearly show that carbon dioxide is not a main driver, as temperature does not rise monotonically with carbon dioxide.

For instance, there was almost 40 years of global cooling beginning in 1940 despite steadily rising carbon dioxide levels. Other factors also drive global climate change. It appears carbon dioxide is only a minor player.

Sea levels are supposed to be rising catastrophically, but have instead apparently gone up at 2mm a year, and not uniformly (some areas see none).

The problems keep coming for the alarmist, detonating their decades-old presumptions about weather and climate. NASA recently released data which "far less future global warming will occur than United Nations computer models have predicted, and supports prior studies indicating increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide trap far less heat than alarmists have claimed," according to James Taylor at Forbes.
The new NASA Terra satellite data are consistent with long-term NOAA and NASA data indicating atmospheric humidity and cirrus clouds are not increasing in the manner predicted by alarmist computer models. The Terra satellite data also support data collected by NASA's ERBS satellite showing far more longwave radiation (and thus, heat) escaped into space between 1985 and 1999 than alarmist computer models had predicted. Together, the NASA ERBS and Terra satellite data show that for 25 years and counting, carbon dioxide emissions have directly and indirectly trapped far less heat than alarmist computer models have predicted.

In short, the central premise of alarmist global warming theory is that carbon dioxide emissions should be directly and indirectly trapping a certain amount of heat in the earth's atmosphere and preventing it from escaping into space. Real-world measurements, however, show far less heat is being trapped in the earth's atmosphere than the alarmist computer models predict, and far more heat is escaping into space than the alarmist computer models predict.
Its almost as if those computer models are complete trash.

Incidentally, who owns big oil? Who owns the majority of their stocks? Penny Starr at CNS news has the answer:
According to a report published in 2007 by Sonecon, an economic advisory firm that analyses U.S. markets and public policy, corporate management owns only 1.5 percent of the U.S. oil and natural gas industry.

The rest is owned by tens of millions of Americans through retirement accounts (14 percent) and pension funds (26 percent). Mutual funds or other firms account for 29.5 percent ownership and individual investors own 23 percent of oil stock holdings.

Institutional investors hold the remaining 5 percent.
Chances are, you do.
Surprising only pointy-headed academic leftists, a study showed that putting calorie and nutritional labeling on menus does not, in fact, reduce caloric intake. Its almost as if people know what's fattening and not, and do not give a crap what the nutritional information is when they go out to eat.
England has very strict laws on campaign finance and who can spend money, advertise, and speak out to support candidates for public office. As a result, news organizations have gained tremendous power over elections, since they have a free, continuous voice unrestricted by law. Jacob Rowbottom at The New Republic details how this plays out, and his answer of course is... even more campaign finance restrictions, this time on newspapers.

Seven of the world's top selling drugs will have their exclusive patents run out next year. What this means is that other companies will be able to make versions of this drug (called "generics") which typically sell for much cheaper than the original. Sometimes these aren't as effective or have materials in them that can be troubling in combination with other drugs, but they are significantly less expensive. On average, generic versions of drugs cost less than half what the original does.

Catholic University is going to convert to single-sex dorm housing this fall: one gender per dorm, like most Christian universities. This plan was (you'll never guess it) attacked in a lawsuit by an atheist group, demanding that they mix genders in the dorms. Why? They cite a Washington DC statute which states that a business cannot discriminate on race, religion, gender unless it is absolutely required in order to remain in business. No female-only clothing stores or hair salons, apparently. The problem here is less the idiot atheist fundamentalist and more the stupid idea of such a law.

Lansing Michigan has a pot dispensary for "medical" marijuana and they're offering free weed to anyone who registers to vote there (and, theoretically, has a doctor's note to get wasted). Because you'd have to be high to keep voting for Democrats in Michigan.

Presently the debt ceiling (the most the US government is permitted to borrow) is $14.3 trillion dollars. That's been raised many times over the years as this chart indicates:

Debt Ceiling
As Ed Morrissey notes at Hot Air:
Of the $14.3 trillion debt ceiling we have now, $4.5 trillion got added by Democrat-controlled Congresses since taking control in 2007. That corresponds exactly with the expansion in spending by Democratic Congresses over the same period.
This money has already been spent, all raising the debt ceiling again does is let them spend even more tomorrow. And the Democrats want everyone to believe that the world will be destroyed and Christmas canceled if they aren't allowed to spend even more.

Helping make sense of the budget battle is Jerry Pournelle who writes:
There are no cuts. None. Zip, Nada, Bupkis, Zero. None.

We need to understand how “budget cuts” are measured. The base line budget projects a $9.5 Trillion Dollar increase in spending over the next ten years. Any reduction in this increase in spending is officially a “cut.” Thus the Republican Deficit Plan mandates an approximate “cut” of $1 Trillion over the next decade in exchange for a rise in the Deficit Limit of $2 Trillion. Note that the $1 T “cut” isn’t assured, since it takes place in the future, and one Congress cannot bind another. (Note that. One Congress cannot bind a future Congress. It might be well to remember this.) But even if the $1 Trillion “cut” is faithfully carried out, the effect is that there will be an $8.5 Trillion increase in spending (and thus in Debt) over the next decade.

Put it this way. If Congress were to freeze spending: we will spend next year precisely what we spent this year on each project, none of them increased and none decreased – if Congress were to do that, the result would officially be a $9.5 Trillion cut. It would be a cut in government pay, in school lunches, in Medicare and Medicaid, to the Army and Navy, to the DOE SWAT team and the Department of Agriculture Pet Bunny Inspectors, a cut to Head Start, a cut the FDA, a cut to – well, you get the idea. Not spending more money every year is a cut, and a freeze on spending is a $9.5 Trillion Cut in Federal Spending. Cuts to school lunches, Medicare, Medicaid – well, we’ve said all that. Not spending more is a cut.

It hasn’t always been this way. Back in the 1960’s a “cut” was actually a cut; if a department’s budget got cut it meant that it got less money. But since the budget acts of the 70’s Federal spending automatically increases year after year and any reduction in that increase is scored as a cut.Only in Washington DC is a reduction in propose increase a "cut."

What are we getting for all this spending? Well the economy is roaring along so well that they had to lower the 1st quarter growth again, now it was official under .5%. Economists say we're in a recovery from a previous recession but every quarter the "recovery" goes down in growth rate.

Raymond Jefferson, assistant secretary of Labor for Veterans’ Employment and Training Service for Obama's Department of Labor has resigned. Appointed by President Obama, it turns out he's been using his office to throw contracts at friends and those who were willing to pay to be a friend.

Nissan's Leaf has sold 10,100 cars worldwide, almost half of those in the US where you as a taxpayer are helping people buy one and put it in their garage so they can claim to be green.

Fort Hood was spared another murderous Muslim attack. The man was a soldier who went AWOL, started stocking up guns, and built two bombs he was going to detonate in a cafe frequented by Fort Hood soldiers, then shoot survivors. He opposed the war on terror in Afghanistan and Iraq and was a self-identified Muslim. Nassr Abdo was arrested with bomb making materials, a partly assembled bomb, and stockpiles of ammunition. He wanted to be discharged from the military and was a conscientious objector, but his discharge was on hold because the army found child porn on his computer.

Los Angeles has shut down their costly and ineffective Red Light cameras with a unanimous 13-0 vote. Unlike most cities who set these up, LA wasn't making money off them because the system couldn't handle the load, people just didn't bother paying, and they weren't able to track people down.

Oregon's state legislature passed a bill establishing a "virtual school district" in 2005 so students could study online. Six years and over 8 million dollars later, the internet school district has not had a single course or class yet. Meanwhile, they're laying off real teachers and cutting back spending on real classrooms (but apparently firing no administration and cutting none fo their budgets).

Y-PEER, a UN group for youth, has put out an agenda promoting sex education, free abortion services for children as young as ten. Further, they want to decriminalize sex workers as young as ten years as well. I suppose, given the UN blue helmeted soldiers' proclivity to underage prostitutes in countries they allegedly are protecting, that's not surprising. Personally I think anyone who finds a 10-year-old sexy needs to be beaten into a body cast with fists and baseball bats.

Something I always bring up when someone calls for socialized medicine because "health care costs so much" is that no such program actually addresses costs of medical care, they just hide it behind taxes and layers of government bureaucracy. Now, a study shows that the Government Health Insurance Takeover Act will increase medical care costs over the years. The problem is not insufficient government control, its that costs are too high. Reduce costs and the problems are reduced.

Last September in Tblisi Georgia, the country the Russians invaded and seized control of part of in 2009, a bomb went off, damaging a wall of the US Embassy. Now documents have been uncovered which indicate that the Russian intelligence services were behind the blast. Probably, they figured in Moscow "what will they do about it? Nothing!" And they were right.

And that's the Word Around the Net for July 29,2011.

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