Thursday, July 21, 2011


"Books are so often undervalued--” he turned to me, “do you steal books?”

Old Habits
Welcome to Ace of Spades HQ readers. Ace kindly put a link up about my book on his sidebar and I've gotten some traffic from there. Old Habits is available on Smashwords as well as Amazon, so if you have a Nook or other e-reader, you can find a version there that will serve. There are apps for phones and data pads you can get to read kindle books, usually for free, although the battery power on a phone tends to be insufficient to read a book.

As a result of Ace's link a bunch more books sold, and I'd like to thank everyone who picked one up. If you've read Old Habits and are so inclined, I'd appreciate it if you'd write a short review on the Amazon site about the book.

I'm working on getting a hard cover printed still. I'm struggling with my pdf printer to force it to print the book in 9x6" format, it keeps defaulting to 8 1/2x11" which is not a convenient size for a book. Hopefully by next week I'll have that up; its going to cost more than 1.99, unfortunately, but any copy bought through me will have a signature and personal note, and will be numbered.

The contract on my first book Snowberry's Veil is up in September, so I'll try to have that up as an ebook and print-on-demand in the fall. It is still available but Publish America charges so much for their books I'm not surprised people passed on buying one.

Thanks again for your visit, please do come back and check out my little blog again some time and I'll keep plugging away on books.

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