Monday, July 25, 2011


“But look here,” said Eustace, “this is all rot. The world’s round–I mean, round like a ball, not like a table.”

“Our world is,” said Edmund. “But is this?”

Lucy Pevensy
Watched Voyage of the Dawn Treader on Saturday night. It started out kind of weak, like they'd run out of budget. It felt a lot like a typical British TV show. The Minotaurs were suits with CGI-written mouths rather than the much more sophisticated ones in previous movies. You could tell they didn't have as much money to work with, which is a crime for a fantasy movie.

But it got better, in a big way. By the time the ship left the second island it really pulled me in, and was a great movie by the end. I don't feel like doing a long detailed review, but a few points really stuck with me.
  1. The girl that played Lucy went from a kind of unattractive little girl to a really cute kid in a few years. I always wonder how casting directors can figure that out. How do they know what a kid is going to look like in a few years?
  2. Her getting this cute kind of made the "I wish I was Susan" storyline more difficult to portray.
  3. The story of Eustace going from a heartless, cold intellectual boy to a young man is one of the best and most effective I've ever seen of its type and illustrates Lewis' ideas on manhood and the entire point of Abolition of Man even more effectively than the book of that title.
  4. The more I look closely at these books and the film adaptations the better I see what Alan Jacobs meant in The Narnian when he says the series is a fairy tale telling of Lewis' entire worldview, and none better than The Dawn Treader.
  5. Some day I hope I can write a character as interesting, unique, and memorable as Reepicheep.
  6. This was the most overtly Christian of the movies so far (even the first really tried to avoid the blatantly Christ-like imagery in the book). I wonder what they'll do with the next few? A Horse and His Boy and The Silver Chair are significantly less obviously Christian themed but the other two are pretty overwhelming.
I recommend The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Its better than the other two movies in many ways, and far better than the second, which was sort of a disappointment.

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