Friday, July 29, 2011


"views running counter to human-induced climate change are extremely unhelpful"

Polar Bear
Ah, the Polar Bear. Although kids are still fond of the creatures, they've fallen out of favor as the mascot of the global warming alarmist. The problem is that while they claimed the bears were in danger, 11 of the 19 populations of Polar Bears around the arctic are increasing, and only 2 decreasing in population.

According to biologists, there are five times as many Polar Bears now than fifty years ago. Despite this, the Obama Administration declared the bears "threatened" and set aside almost 190 million acres of prime oil drilling land in Alaska for a habitat.

Five years ago, a scientist named Charles Monnett claimed that several bears had drowned in the Arctic sea because they couldn't find ice. There had been a powerful storm the days before he found the bodies, but that was discounted as meaningless because the real problem was melting ice. Now that scientist has been tossed off the research team and is under investigation, allegedly for doctoring evidence.

Well you know, when the facts don't support your theory, scientists have long been trained in other areas of science to manipulate the facts or concoct alternate possible theories that make them still somehow fit.

Besides, how are you going to get those killer grants if you prove your thesis is in error?


Sammy said...

Still, are we to believe that the global climate isn't changing? I'm not sure if it's human or not but something's going on!

Christopher R Taylor said...

Its obvious that the climate is changing. It always has, it never has been static and consistent, ever.