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About a year ago I wrote a piece that I want to bring peoples' attention to again because I think it bears repeating and I don't think it got much notice. It starts with a realization that president Obama is basically a pointy headed academic, that he's full of theories and ideas but not experience and practicality. And not only him, but the Democratic party is full of these sort of people.
It has become obvious over time that he's just a college professor in over his head. Not that President Obama was a professor (he was more a teacher's helper the brief time he was working at the University of Illinois). He's got a head full of academic schemes and ideas, the kind of plans and solutions that make sense in a room full of like-minded people without an understanding of how the real world works, in a theoretical sense. The kind of ideas that gave us Marxism and Fascism, the kind of schemes which sound great and mean well - if you don't take into account human nature and market forces.

Take his approach to foreign leaders and powers. The man has little time for our allies, treating them at best shabbily and with disregard. But for nations which are not white European and western, he's obsequious, even gushing. His approach is that of the apologetic, guilty westerner trying to make amends to the other as represented by nations which have not kept up with western civilization. He's acting out every single multiculturalist, diversity-training class ever taught as president, the consummate academic. He really believes all that crap.

Here's another example. For Attorney General, President Obama sought out and found the most racially motivated man he could reasonably get approved for the position, and pushed a basic policy: blacks have been mistreated and disadvantaged for so long that they should be given every possible break and shrugged at whenever possible. It is judicial reparations, an attempt to make sure all those years of oppression and misery are made up for by the Justice Department.

Or consider President Obama's judicial nominees. They aren't picked for their amazing skills or reputation as a wise and just jurist, they aren't chosen for their experience, intelligence, or abilities in the job. Both Kagan and Sotomayor were picked because they were female, and because they were reliably leftist. This was about getting the right sort of person into the position, not the best jurist. How good they are as a judge matters only insofar as it interferes with potentially being approved by congress, not their actual work on the bench.

These are the hallmark characteristics of someone so steeped in 20th century academic thought and college leftist ideology that they are set apart from the rest of the country. Peter Kirsanow recently wrote a piece for National Review Online in which he argues that President Obama doesn't "get" America. That's not exactly true: he gets academic and leftist intellectual America. He just doesn't understand the 80% that makes up the rest of America. That's why he visits Martha's Vineyard for weeks and the Gulf Coast for hours. Unlike President Bush who was plainly more comfortable among ordinary Americans than academics, politicians, and the beltway culture, President Obama is the exact opposite.
This is why the Democrats rammed through a series of bills strongly opposed by the public while doing virtually nothing about the economy. They thought everything would work out because these bills fit their academic theories and they finally had a chance to apply them. Of course things would work out, and if people hate them now well...
Democrats believed that they could use their brilliant, clearly wonderful ideas to move legislation along while the American people came to understand how truly glorious the new socialist state really was. That explains a lot, such as Senate Majority Leader Reid (D-NV) and House Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) both acting like once the people learned about the Government Health Insurance Takeover Act they'd like it and things would all get better.

It also explains why the Democrats seem so baffled and panicking, like they had no idea that people would get this upset and angry. They truly thought that this was such a great scheme, so obviously beneficial to the public, that everyone would hold hands singing Pete Seeger tunes. The fact is, most people see these schemes as a bad idea, at the wrong time, forced on them by arrogant, condescending, and even insulting congressmen.

When you see President Obama and the Democratic Party leadership as pointy-headed intellectual academic types, it all falls into place. Most people hear the diversity lectures and calls for multiculturalism and so on and makes fun of it, or believes only a little of what they hear. These guys dove in face first and swallowed the whole pool. They really, honestly believe all that nonsense, just like a recently graduated sociology major does, until they hit the real world and all that stuff starts falling apart under critical and rational examination.

There's been a lot of talk lately about how few people in the Obama administration have any real, practical, market experience. Owning a business, running a company, anything of that sort. Again, we have the anti-Bush here: President Bush loaded his cabinet and advisers up with former businessmen and corporate giants. President Obama loaded up on academics, theoreticians, and leftist thinkers.

The result: Bush had a pretty business-friendly administration which resulted in a roaring economy until the housing market collapsed, and Obama's has a business-hostile administration resulting in at best a stagnant economy.

Think about it; when you hear the left talk about someone they consider intelligent, what do they really mean? Al Gore, does he really come across as all that smart? Think about someone they consider stupid, what do they really mean; are President Bush and Sarah Palin really such dolts? They don't really mean objectively intelligent like the average person figures. They mean "sufficiently academic and holding the right positions." That's not just "really leftist" but someone who agrees with all the latest lefty academic and intellectual schemes and ideas.

Bush wasn't considered stupid because he did poorly in college or was plainly an idiot, but because he really prayed and seemed to genuinely believe in God and the Bible; because he rejected global warming hysteria and blocked the EPA's schemes; and because he really believes America is a great nation and a shining light on a hill. Ditto Palin, Reagan, and anyone else who dares question the basic leftist doctrine.
Unemployment continues to hang close to 10% (or 20% if you include people who gave up and especially people who tried entered the work force and never found a job - and with every year that passes this way, more young people enter that group). Inflation is growing, particularly in food and energy. The general mood of the public is that we're doomed, that things are just never going to get better and probably will get worse. Yet for some, life is great; especially those with federal jobs or who already were rich.
In a way, John Edwards is right: there really is two Americas out there. The first is the America which is college graduate, buys into academia's theories, and stays out of the market fray either due to great wealth, a job like movie star which doesn't require them to do actual business work, or because they're a politician. These tend heavily left and in general are doing quite well; unemployment rates for college graduates is 4.5% and never got much over 5% even in the last years. These people tend to live in big cities and vote very reliably Democrat. As far as they are concerned, the "stimulus" worked, Obama's plans are terrific, and America is stupid for not understanding that.

The other America is the rest of the country, the people who work and own jobs and make things, the people who drive the bulk of the economy, who are out there in the market and surrounded by how it really works. These are people who may have a college degree, but might not, because they didn't need one, couldn't afford one, couldn't get one, or just couldn't put up with the atmosphere of the typical university.

For those in the first group, surrounded by like-thinking people in a comfortable lifestyle, they are hard pressed to believe there really are that many people so very upset, and convinced that any real opposition to the Democrats has to be some Republican Party trick, a carefully crafted right wing conspiracy paid for by fat cat CEOs and oil company executives. For those in the second group, well they're joining Tea Party rallies, reading up on the legislation the first couldn't be bothered to, and itching to get to November so they can voice their outrage, frustration, and even fear.

This divide won't ever get better until the basic structure of colleges and universities can be changed to include greater ideological diversity. Ironically, the very system meant to do this - tenure - is the mechanism by which it is being crushed. When the bulk of a university's professors and administration are leftist and the profs can't be fired, they have no fear or hesitation in using their position and power to destroy anything and anyone who dares disagree with their zealotry.
Some are calling for, or predicting, civil war or rebellion, a fight against the tyranny of the federal government and politicians who care more about their power and pocketbook than the constitution. Yet that wouldn't help until a fundamental change takes place in the people of the United States and their understanding of government, law, and liberty.
This nation needs not a rebellion but a reformation, a basic change in thought and understanding of what it stands for and why. We need to get back not to the Bible as in the Protestant Reformation, but to the constitution and its original meaning. We need new solas: Sola Constitution, Sola Founders, and Sola Liberty. We need an upheaval in thought, not power structures, a radical change in understanding, not politicians.

The American people need to from childhood up understand what the founders meant and the constitution says, rebuilding the principles of liberty and justice for all. Until that can happen and bear its fruit, this nation will never actually see real change for the better. Unless it happens, we cannot see any change but for the worse.

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JoelAT said...

I would not be surprised, in my remaining lifetime, to see some sort of revolution in America. Texas might secede, the west coastal states (excluding California) may try to do the same. It seems the same reason we broke away from England, is popping it's ugly head up again. Taxation without representation.