Wednesday, July 13, 2011


“Biggest Mistake Of My Life”
-Harry Alford on voting for Obama

Detroit Riot
When president Obama was elected, it was hailed as a sign of racial healing, proof the nation was not bigoted. Everyone agreed it was a giant step forward for American racial politics, and since the USA is one of the few countries on earth honestly, openly, and eagerly addressing racism and bigotry in its midst while most other sniff at how bigoted America is and ignore their own, this was very well publicized.

In some ways, though, racism is worse as a result. I'm not talking about Tea Partiers holding up signs or white supremacist movements Eric Holder and the Southern Poverty&Law Center insist are on the rise. I mean among blacks.

Ever since President Obama took office, roving gangs of black youths raping, robbing, vandalizing, and killing have risen and plagued communities across America. You don't hear too much about them, and if you do, the actual ethic background of these youths is as carefully omitted as French reports of "youth" car burning in Paris.

Why this is happening is not certain and is likely due to many subtle factors, but at least some of it has to be because blacks are not better off in America with a black president. When you pin down many blacks and they're honest, they'll admit they voted for Obama primarily because he's "one of us." That's not so unprecedented, people do that all the time; favoring a familiar or inside candidate.

But for blacks, things are worse than ever in some ways. Unemployment among blacks is nearly double that of whites (and when you include people who've never found a job or gave up, its nearly 30%. Of the 52% of blacks working, only 17% of them have full time jobs.

The primary problem is that while Obama's economy is fine for the rich, particularly with Quantitative Easing loading up wealthy people with cheap loans and easy cash that poor people lack the resources to access, the poor have it harder and harder.

As a recession continues, people's resources are eaten up; all the savings they had, emergency funds, friends they can rely on, food banks in the area, and so on eventually are depleted or reduced and each month that goes by its harder to make it. The longer someone is unemployed, the less attractive they look to potential employers, and the more their skills erode. And as inflation rises, the little money people have available to them is stretched even more thin.

Add to that the fewer employment opportunities in inner city areas and the pressure that illegal immigrants - who'll work cheaper and hungrier - bring on young blacks means even fewer jobs. As businesses face the increased cost of the Government Health Insurance Takeover act, even the Congressional Budget Office estimates that it will result in as many as 800,000 jobs lost in addition to the millions already gone.

And finally, as we know, this recession hit men far harder than women. The Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a decline in 5.4 million jobs for men versus 2.1 million for women. Fully 71 percent of job losses were absorbed by men. That means that black men were hit especially hard.

When combined with the collapse of state and local government finances which has resulted in some lessening of local assistance and inner city spending, blacks are even harder hit. Some, such as Walter Russell Mead, fear a resurgence of riots in the inner cities such as those in the 60s that tore Detroit, Los Angeles, and other communities to pieces.

I'm less concerned because it was directed anger at injustice that prompted those riots more than just misery. Its tough to get mad at anyone in particular for the economy, although the present situation has definitely been made worse by Democrat policies. That's been true for decades for inner city blacks - Democrats have been running these cities for a long time and they've been making things miserable the whole time.

Another missing trigger is the lack of clear leadership calling for justice and blaming white people. In fact, the whole black exploitation gang of Sharpton, Jackson et al have been pretty subdued lately, probably because they don't want to hurt the president by making things seem worse than they already are.

Yet for blacks, looking over the Obama presidency, there's little to celebrate. To be certain the Holder justice department has specifically been tilting cases based on the ethnic background of the people involved, but that is not likely to affect most black voters. What they're left with is the disquieting realization that they're worse off now under a black president than before. And if they've been paying attention, they'll note that this guy is lousy at his job and seems confused and incompetent when he's not reading carefully prepared lines off a teleprompter - and sometimes even then.

And that would upset me the most, were I black. This guy is making us look like idiots. He's setting back the cause of blacks by giving idiot racists an excuse. "see, blacks can't do the job!" Never mind that he's just as white as he is black and never mind that we've had incompetent white presidents before. Blacks in particular know by now how easy it is for the bigot to take the slightest excuse as proof of their bias.

*UPDATE: A few statistics to consider

In 2007, best year of the Bush era, white households had a median net worth of $134,280, compared with $13,450 for black households.

By 2009, the median net worth for white households had fallen 24 percent to $97,860. For black households, it had plummeted 83 percent to $2,170, a near wipeout.

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