Tuesday, June 14, 2011


"My career was not over, I knew, but had just begun. And all because of a silly, high-concept stunt that failed to deliver on its titillating promise."
-Geraldo Rivera on Al Capone's Vault

So after begging readers to help sift through tens of thousands of emails and searching for something incriminating and bad in them, all those Sarah Palin mails turned out to make her seem... exactly like she seems on camera and on the radio.

Her pregnancy with Trig is referenced repeatedly, her disdain for corruption and misuse of power is outlined, her interest in conservative principles, but nothing shocking, problematic or even questionable came up. What did show up was a flood of death threats, personal attacks, and hate that flooded her email during the 2008 presidential election (and still does, I'm sure). Not that you've likely heard that from any US press, it took the UK media to point that out.

The New York Times noted that she was able to work with opponents and find compromise where needed, then tried to spin that as a negative. The same media sources have yet to request any emails from Obama's legislative past or bother to look into his other records until forced to by a buffoon businessman with a wig.

What's funny is that the legacy media and the left in general keep claiming she's a joke, a sideshow, a meaningless person... and they obsess over her constantly. And meanwhile, even Jon Stewart is wondering why on earth the media is spending so much time on the emails. If she's so irrelevant why the fixation on Sarah Palin?

Celebrity dork Ashton Kutcher takes it a step further, noting that he considers this effort repulsive. If anything, this effort is just making Palin look better by contrast because they're just not finding anything bad. And you know they're trying really, really hard.

Its not impossible that the combined efforts of tens of thousands of reporters and individual citizens will find something they can make look really bad; they might even find something embarrassing or humiliating in the emails. They may even find that the reason it took 2 years to get the emails released was that they were heavily sifted through for stuff Palin didn't want seen.

I just have my doubts.

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