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Faux Alternative
So, who are the highest paid musicians right now? Forbes does these lists every so often, and the musician one just came out

Number one is U2, for whatever reason. Look, I like U2 a lot, or at least I used to, their latest stuff is kind of tepid. But they really are a good band. I just don't see how they ought to be the highest paid, necessarily. They made $195,000,000 last year, coming off the most lucrative tour in world history. Given how agents, record labels, and touring works I wonder how much the band members of U2 actually saw of that money.

Number two... confused me. Bon Jovi? Is he still around? I mean I like Livin' On A Prayer okay, and Wanted Dead or Alive is pretty good, but... Bon Jovi? Really?$125,000,000 last year. Their last album was The Circle in 2009, from which I've heard nothing.

Elton John came in at three, following the "old band tours and charges way too much for tickets" scheme the Eagles invented. Don't get me wrong, Elton has some great stuff, its just surprising to see a mid level pop guy from the 70s doing so well.

Then it gets ugly. Lady Gaga comes in at four. I really have nothing to say about that which is PG.

Michael Buble who I've never heard of is number five, but from what I've been told I probably would like his stuff okay.

Then its old guy again, with Paul McCartney, the most financially successful songwriter in history. One of the two surviving Beatles, McCartney keeps touring and terrorizing anyone in his hire that dares eat meat.

Then... I hesitate to note this... the Black Eyed Peas. Look seriously people? Who buys this stuff? Why would anyone pay to see a concert from this band?

Eight is the Eagles, still touring after hell froze over and they pioneered charging three times as much as any other concert because they're "classic." I like the Eagles a lot, but not three times as much as any other act.

Then, yeah, Justin Bieber. I have to give the kid some credit, he's somehow managed to create an empire out of a retard haircut and bubblegum pop aimed at 14 year old girls. Its not like he's the first to do this, Elvis started out that way. Of course Elvis had better songs.

And at 10 its the Dave Matthews band. Seriously? Dave Matthews? The faux alternative easy listening version of pop? Wow.

And the rest of the list looks like this:
11. Toby Keith - his movie wasn't awful
12. Usher
13. Taylor Swift, cute as a button but that's not country
14. Katy Perry - see, being naked on the internet pays!
15. Brad Paisley - Paisley? Seriously? Roy Acuff would kick his ass.
16. Tom Petty&The Heartbreakers - this show I wouldn't mind seeing
17. Jay-Z
18. AC/DC - Yeah, well... I like AC/DC but I wouldn't pay to watch Donald Duck sing.
19. Sean Combs or whatever he's calling himself today
20. Beyonce Knowles
21. Tim McGraw
22. Muse - who?
23. Rascal Flatts - please just go away
24. Kenny Chesney - yeah this guy I like.
25. Rhianna
So there you have it, that's who's successful out there right now. The list is a third bubblegum crap and third old guys with some other acts between. Its been a long time since I've seen a band live, I think it was Sting back in the early 90s. There have been acts I wouldn't mind seeing that have come around but they cost so much its just a luxury too far these days.

Hat tip Carin at Is This Blog On? For the link

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Road Rug said...

Michael Buble is a honey-throated crooner that sings and sounds a lot like early Sinatra. Give him a listen....