Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This picture is going around the internet, supposedly showing an evil Jooo soldier with a boot on a little girl pointing a gun at her face. There's a few problems with it.

First the girl doesn't seem particularly concerned. But maybe she's just really philosophical.

Then you look at the soldier: that's an AK-47 the soldier is holding, and Israelis use M16s as they buy most of their gear from the US. Palestinians on the other hand use AK's. According to people more knowledgeable than I, That's not an IDF uniform, either. And his laces are dangling loose, not exactly up to military code either.

In other words: this is a staged picture by palestinians to make Israelis look bad. We can't see his face but I can't help wondering if he isn't green helmet guy. Pallywood strikes again.

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