Thursday, June 30, 2011


"let me be absolutely clear."

President Obama said that congress should skip their vacation if they can't get the budget passed. He condemned congress for being lazy and not doing its job, and claims that Republicans are the main problem since they won't just give in and agree to tax increases instead of cuts.

I don't have a problem with congress doing without vacations if they can't do their most basic constitutional duty and present a budget like they are legally required to every year. I even think they should immediately and publicly announce that they're cutting their own salaries, benefits, and staff to start off with, showing genuine desire to deal with the debt.

But really, President Obama? Telling others they need to vacation less and work harder? Seriously? I've heard of throwing rocks in glass houses, but this guy is packing a minigun.

Then he called tax hikes the "sacred cow" of Republicans, condemning them for not wanting to raise taxes in bad economic times. This is just hilarious, given that the entire budget is apparently a sacred cow to the Democrats, who want to cut nothing and just raise taxes. Nothing.

Even the AARP in one of their patented "scare the seniors" ads mentioned several ridiculous spending programs and called for them to be cut instead of doing anything whatsoever with Medicare (cut, reform, doesn't matter, just don't touch it, is their position - if you're a Republican). But to the Democrats in Washington? Nothing can be touched.

And he's telling Republicans to drop their sacred cow? Dude, you have a buffalo herd of them. Couldn't you cull a few?

Ooh it doesn't stop there. President Obama called six times for corporate tax breaks used to buy jets to be cut, telling the Republicans they're awful for not doing so in his speech yesterday. Except... the "stimulus" package that he and the Democrats in congress told everyone over and over was absolutely necessary to ram through instantly, without reading, to save the country from unemployment as high as eight percent ... that stimulus package was the bill that gave these businesses the tax cut Obama is referring to.

Uh... if its such a great idea to get rid of, why did you put it into law to begin with? Not a single Republican voted for that piece of trash. I agree, cut it, but why are you yelling about that when it was your idea to begin with?

Look, people will put up with a lot from politicians. They'll accept that you're basically crooked, they will tolerate you being a scumbag, they will even accept you being partisan and pointlessly hostile to someone because they're from another party.

But one thing they won't really put up with is bald faced hypocrisy. Lack of integrity really grates people's nerves, like a rasp on an exposed spinal cord.

Leadership isn't doing one or two things in 2 years then yelling at others to do something. Its getting in front, helping and showing them how, working side by side with them to get it done. Simply throwing a budget so lousy that nobody voted for it is not enough. Roll up your sleeves, put down the mashie, and get to work with something other than your jaw.

And who is it that is trying to stop Obama from being clear, that he has to keep appealing that they don't keep him from it?

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