Monday, June 13, 2011


Well, my run at the Washington Examiner is done. I got an email Friday that said "corporate has decided to not continue the Opinion Zone. Sorry." So I'm out of work again. I was hoping that perhaps my efforts there would get noticed by someone and I could get more substantial work, but it never happened.

I got linked twice by Instapundit on the OZone, and it was fun while it lasted. Once I cracked the code of what they were looking for, I was able to pretty much get published every time, so the fifteen bucks a shot piled up pretty well by the end.

I'll have more time to focus on posts for the blog I suppose, which could be a good thing. Right now I'm pretty down so its hard to generate enthusiasm for writing for free hoping someday to get more than 200 hits a day. I didn't ever expect to be a huge blog but I thought I'd get a bit more every year and at 2008 or so my hits pretty well flattened out and I've never seen any consistent growth since. Google Ads dropped me because my traffic was too low, so there's no income there, either.

I do enjoy writing for the blog and it keeps my writing skills sharp, plus I've learned a lot over the years. I appreciate that I get any readers at all, if 200 people a day from around the world showed up to hear me talk I'd feel really successful, I just hoped I'd get more over time. Nothing I do seems to work out.


Blogger Marie said...

I quit my blog around 2008, too, same reason. I had hoped for at least a gradual increase in readership, or awards, or status, or money, or something, but nothing really happened. Although I had some good loyal readers and I felt my content was unique enough and regular enough to merit a larger readership or more money or something.

I wondered if I'd be sad when I quit, but actually I have never regretted it. I figure if God wants me to be a blogger He will bring it about.

I am not encouraging you to quit, not at all, just saying, you aren't alone, and I don't know what reason there might be for little to no growth.

5:05 PM, June 13, 2011  
Blogger Philip said...

Sorry to hear that, Chris.

One of my fellow WoT blog moderators also had that happen to him with another conservative publication. He regrouped and set off in a new direction by covering an under-reported area (and doing quite a good job of it). No pay yet, but he is getting noticed.

7:22 PM, June 13, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a random reader who has read your blog for years. I am sure you have other military readers, but when I deployed to the Middle East, I enjoyed reading your work tremendously. Your writing is clear and I like your varied story choice.

5:37 PM, June 14, 2011  
Blogger kevin.m.reed said...

I'm really surprised to hear of your number of visitors. I read a lot of blogs and yours is one of my favorites, especially the 'word around the net' feature. Your writing is clear, penetrating, varied, interesting, logical, amusing and sometimes touching.

7:33 PM, June 14, 2011  
Anonymous Alex VanderWoude said...

Bummer, dude. I for one enjoy your writing, and even feel moved to comment on it occasionally. Not even Glenn Reynolds moves me to do that! I hope you keep it up.

9:40 PM, June 14, 2011  
Blogger Tina said...

So, ask yourself: if you could fill a physical auditorium with 200 people every day, wouldn't that be "success"? In his day, Elvis played to smaller crowds...

Why isn't is just as impressive to have 200 people read your blog every day?

Most are probably like me: I stop in once a week or so and catch up - there's no time to read daily. so I only count once among that 1,000 per week. How many others read maybe once a month, and still call you their favorite blogger?

4:46 AM, June 15, 2011  
Blogger Christopher Taylor said...

I know, and I really do appreciate everyone that reads here. I shouldn't really pay attention to my numbers but when google dropped me that was pretty upsetting and now I'm completely without income. That's hard to take, and I am a bit down right now.

7:10 AM, June 15, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why not try a tip jar?

5:33 PM, June 16, 2011  

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