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"Our first African-American president deserves a chance to clean up Bush's mess without being attacked by us."

John Hawkins runs Right Wing News, among other sites, and he wrote an article for Town Hall that really hit home. A lot of people have done posts comparing the treatment of President Bush by the press to that of how they treat President Obama. Of all people Ted Rall did a bang-up job presenting the ridiculous, deliberate bias at newspapers to protect Obama recently.

But nobody has done as good a job, in my opinion, as John Hawkins did with this piece. He took six areas which are true about President Obama, and depicted how the press would cover it were he President Bush instead.
  • President Bush was called idiotic by the left for not being a wonderful speaker, and Dan Quayle said a few things that have branded him eternally moronic. President Obama can stutter and stammer and walk into a window his first day in office, he can talk about visiting 57 states, write down the wrong year after asking about it, and he's called brilliant by the press.
  • President Bush takes a year to build a coalition of over 40 nations around the world before attacking Iraq with congressional approval, and he's branded a unilateral cowboy who's alienating our allies. President Obama attacks Libya overnight without ever even bothering to try to get congressional approval and no allies, and he's called "gutsy." He sends a team into an alleged friendly country to assassinate a man, and he's called "courageous."
  • Every week someone wrote about the sinister connection between Bush/Cheney and Halliburton, but when President Obama throws billions with a B to financial megacorporations, companies who donate to the Democratic Party, and car companies, he's saving America.
  • Gas prices went as high as $2.00 a gallon and the press started running stories about how Bush's gas prices were ruining America and hurting poor people, pointing fingers at how he comes from oil country and Cheney used to work at a oil company. Under President Obama, they push past five dollars a gallon and they run stories about how great high gas prices are. The economy slowed under President Bush after the .com bubble burst and our financial district was blown up by terrorists, and the press ran endless stories about how miserable the Bush economy was even when it was booming. President Obama's presidency started with a weakening economy and unemployment still is hovering around 10% with the housing market cratering once more and growth under 2%.
  • President Bush wasn't as chummy with the press as they'd like and had fewer press conferences than camera hog President Clinton. He refused to obey what he was told to do by the left, so he was called arrogant and selfish. President Obama has even fewer press conferences, is actively hostile to any press that questions him or reports what he doesn't like, continuously goes golfing and on vacations, and even his allies admit he's arrogant, but he's portrayed as a regular guy who is likable.
  • President Obama is called black even though he's as white as he is black, but if he were a Republican no one in the press would hesitate to consider him not authentically black because he wouldn't hold the proper ideological positions.
There are more, of course.

President Obama totally botched the gulf cleanup, he was slow, incompetent, didn't bother coming to see the place for days, downplayed it in the press and his team acted like it was no particular problem for a week. President Bush immediately took action to help victims of Hurricane Katrina, sent aid the same day it was requested, and visited several times within days of the storm.

Katrina was hung around Bush's neck like a millstone and every lie anyone whispered was reported as fact, while the press hastily downplayed problems in the gulf and haven't mentioned it again. No one is doing yearly retrospectives on the gulf oil spill and its affects on the population there, no one is making special HBO shows about people living in the area recovering from the spill.

President Bush tried time and time again to reach across the aisle and work with Democrats, inviting them to help work on bills and compromising to achieve goals with them. President Obama deliberately insults and attacks Republicans, rejecting any input and calling them names. Bush was called "divisive" and Obama is called "courageous."

There's practically a cottage industry of "what if this were Bush" posts on right-leaning blogs, pointing out how unreasonable the hate of Bush was and how totally the press protects and supports President Obama.

The fact is, whether or not you agreed with the press treatment and depiction of President Bush, there is no objective or rational person who could deny that they have done a total reversal in their treatment of President Obama. Things they would have savagely attacked in Bush they ignore or even praise in Obama.

Comedians would have been making jokes about President Obama's stuttering and desperate reliance on the teleprompter, his mechanical repetitions in speeches, his many gaffes and flubs, his talking over the British national anthem, so many things. Yet all we get from them is silence because he somehow doesn't provide them with fodder for comedy, or very weak, short-term jokes.

And inconsistency is one of the greatest peeves of just about everyone on earth. That violates everyone's deep down basic understanding of fairness and justice.

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