Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Some bad language here from Bill Maher. How stupid is Sarah Palin? Its a matter of perspective. When she says something that people think is silly, it's proof she's the greatest idiot ever known to man. When President Obama makes a flub, its nothing to notice.

I don't think Palin is some great choice for office, I just think its obvious that the effort to make her look stupid and for people to want to pile on without even bothering to find out about her is a deliberate thing, and the effort to utterly ignore anything dumb the president says.

My problem isn't that I think its unfair people attack Palin, she's a politician and public figure. My problem is that it is contrived and inconsistent.


Unknown said...

I find that I really dislike Bill Mahar. He feels he is clever. He is not he is just often the loudest voice in the room.

Though what gives this guys from theyoungturks any credibility either?

Christopher R Taylor said...

Other than the "all timers" crack (sounded like alzheimer's to me), the video speaks for its self; this is dumb stuff Obama said and supporters of Obama mocking Palin for being so stupid, poor spoken, confused, and ill informed.

I know too many people that when the topic of Palin comes up they bark "stupid" like they've been conditioned to, but why? I she really taht idiotic? I mean every politician says dumb stuff. President Obama is called brilliant and almost godlike and he does the same kind of stuff.

Maybe Palin is dumb but where's the evidence beyond continual, hammering insistence that its so and some sound bites of her making verbal flubs like anyone who speaks in public?

Unknown said...

In the age of the sound bite the glib tongued man is the king.

Anonymous said...

he doesnt seem so glib in that video