Monday, June 20, 2011

EQD20 Session 4

"mom!! help!!"
These are the ongoing exploits of our gaming group playing EverQuest using the D20 system. We're playing over the internet using Skype to chat and Maptool to show the action.
Having killed the party last session, I took advantage of a standard MMOG feature and respawned them in Halas, without their gear. Now they had to get to their equipment and recover it safely, which involved travel over a mile or so of snow in the canyons of The Maze.

My theory with this game is that characters are especially regarded by the powers that be in Norrath, and get resed automatically when they die, to represent the MMOG respawn. However, instead of leaving bones or a second body behind, their gear pops off their body and is protected by the divine powers so that no one else can loot it but the character in question or someone they allow. That equipment simply vanishes to everyone else, but lies in a little sparkling pile for the PCs. Their bodies were eaten by goblins.

They did okay, but the area was still guarded and several bodies were pretty close to the goblin camp. The ranger picked up his equipment first as he'd run the furthest away before being swarmed, and the mage used some trickery involving summoned bread to lure a few goblins away.

If these were smarter creatures it probably wouldn't work, but Goblins are disorganized, lack discipline, and are kind of dumb, so the ploy (and a few abysmally failed Intelligence rolls) managed to lure the guards and a Goblin Whelp that thought he'd seen something and came over to investigate.

After dispatching the goblins, the party picked up a few spears and the mage Horkin put on a goblin guard uniform (he's a gnome so it was a bit baggy but it fit) and dragged the other goblin over and propped them up, sneaking through the snow. Then he carefully gathered the other characters' gear. At one point a goblin noticed he was digging through the snow rather than standing guard and was ordered back to his guard post, but since the orders were in goblin (which none of them speak), he had to interpret a gesture and a yell properly.

Having regained their gear the party got involved in a quest to capture a Polar Bear Cub for a woman in Halas, and this also gave some classic MMOG feel to the game. The Beastlord is able to talk to animals like Dr Doolittle, so he managed to coax a cub in a cave to him, but when the little guy was netted, it started yowling and growling... but the Beastlord heard it calling for mom.

Then the mom yelled back that she'd kill everyone who dared hurt her cub. The party ran, dragging the bear in a net, with four of them helping drag it along. They ran and ran and finally reached the caravan parking area on the south side of Loch Lir.

However, Horkin stopped and fired a spell at the enraged Polar Bear mother, then charged her, to delay her because she was getting really close to the party. Remember you can't outrun a bear, you can only hope to outrun the slowest guy; in this case Horkin. Horkin leapt on the bear and was summarily torn to little pieces. But it did slow her down enough that the Wolves of the North guards in the area helped fight the mom.

So we had several MMOG themes: a train (albeit a small one, I should have thrown a few spiders in as well but they wouldn't follow as far), running to the guards, and a character sacrificing himself to let the others get away. That last one isn't quite as typical for the average gamer but it is for our group.

What was sort of uncomfortable was having the little cub yelling for help to mom and having her roar in response. Nobody but the Beastlord can understand it of course, all they hear is assorted roaring back and forth but if they could have it sounded like this:

Polar Bear Cub: Moommm!! Help mom help!!!
Polar Bear Mother: My baby!!!!
Polar Bear Cub: Mommmm help!
Polar Bear Mother: ARRG I'LL KILL YOU ALL!!!!!

And since they're animals and not very bright, basically that repeated over and over along with the mother wondering if there's any salmon or berries around to eat.

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