Wednesday, June 08, 2011


"No one, regardless of what party they serve, no one, regardless of what branch of government they serve, should be allowed to get away with these alleged sexual improprieties..."
-Congressman Dan Burton (R-IN)

Nixon Resigns
Just to help keep things in perspective, here's a comparative rundown of congressmen in various scandals and corruption cases between parties and the results:

  • Ted Kennedy: kills girl, commits serial adultery, continuously drunk while in office. Dies in office.
  • Jack Murtha: Corrupt member of ABSCAM bribery sting, slanders US military. Dies in office.
  • Alcee Hastings: impeached as a judge for corruption, then elected to congress. Still in office.
  • Robert Byrd: Brutally racist leader of the KKK. Dies in office.
  • Gerry Studds: Sexual relationship with underaged male page. Serves until 1997, being given chairs of various committees.
  • William Jefferson: Convicted of bribery; given a standing ovation by Democrats when he enters the chamber, offered powerful committees by Nancy Pelosi. Removed from office by jail time, never resigns.
  • Barney Frank: Boyfriend runs gay prostitution ring and grows pot in his house, repeatedly demonstrated to use his position to benefit friends in pay-to-play corruption. Still in office, in powerful banking committees which he used previously to help friends.
  • Harry Reid: Continually plagued by corruption scandals including Abramoff and land deals. Becomes Senate Majority leader, still in office in that role.
  • Mel Reynolds: Reelected despite statutory rape and child porn charges, convicted and removed from office finally, never resigned.
  • Patrick Leahy: leaks classified state secrets repeatedly on national television. Still in office as Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • Tom Harkin and John Kerry traveled to Managua, Nicaragua to assure Daniel Ortega that Senate Democrats were working overtime to thwart President Reagan’s efforts to bring Democracy to the region.
  • Charles Rangel: repeatedly violates senate rules and tax law with housing and many other examples of corruption and misuse of power. Still in office.
  • Maxine Waters: Corruptly uses her banking committee influence to benefit friends. Reelected, still in office.
  • Roland Burris: lied to a grand jury about his involvement with Blagojevich scandal. Still in office.
  • Jesse Jackson, jr: Was one of the bidders offering $300,000 for Obama's former senate seat. Still in office.
  • Mary Landrieu: Inserted earmarks to benefit campaign donors. Still in office.
  • Alan Mollahan: used earmarks to benefit family, offered them to potential donors for campaign cash, lied about personal assets to federal officials. Still in office.
  • Pete Viclosky: Traded earmarks for campaign funds. Serving his 13th term in office.
  • Charlie Wilson (yeah the guy from the movie): Cocaine use in Las Vegas casinos, misappropriation of funds; served 12 terms and retired.
That's just the last 20 years or so and only in the US congress.

  • Mark Foley: Sexting with (adult) male pages. Resigns.
  • Chris Lee: sent shirtless pics on the internet. Resigns.
  • John Ensign: has an affair with a woman. Resigns.
  • Larry Craig: busted apparently soliciting sex from random gay men in a park. Resigns.
  • David Vitter: listed as one of the DC Madame's clients. Still in office.
  • Ed Shrock: caught on tape soliciting sex from male prostitute. Withdrew from campaign for reelection.
  • Donald "Buzz" Lukens: found guilty of having sex with a minor - a girl he was accused of sleeping with since she was 13, also corruption and bribery. Resigns
  • Ken Calvert: Under investigation for misuse of earmarks and corruption, busted for prostitution. Still in office
  • Jerry Lewis: Used earmarks to pay family and friends, and reward for campaign contributions. Under investigation. Still in office.
  • Don Young: Used earmarks to pay family and friends, and reward for campaign contributions. Under investigation. Still in office.
  • Harold Rogers: Used earmarks to pay family and friends, and reward for campaign contributions. Under investigation. Still in office.
Look over that list of Democrats again: none of them resigned. And why should they? By just staying in office, in a few years when the election comes up, their voters shrug and say "well he's not a Republican" and pull the lever. Where's the incentive to not be corrupt?

By contrast almost every single one of the Republicans resigned soon after the information on their misdeeds came to light, even if it was not an illegal act. They know that their voters will be outraged and throw them out of power - even if it means a Democrat taking office - rather than vote for someone like that again. And, they seem to have enough personal integrity to realize they have to pay a price for their acts.

In a way, that's sad. The men who'll show integrity and do the right thing (eventually) are the ones who'll leave office while the scum won't.

Too many are still in office on both sides, but look that list over again. Nobody on the Democrat side resigned for all those crimes. None of them. Nixon is caught lying and deleting parts of a tape, is threatened with impeachment, and resigns. To this day he's considered the ACME of corruption and misuse of power. Clinton is caught lying to a grand jury and sleeping around on his wife, actually is impeached, and stays in office. To this day people joke about his affair and consider him a pretty good guy.

The difference is pretty stark, really.


Clayton in Mississippi said...

RE: "By contrast almost every single one" of the Republicans resigned

By my count, only six of the eleven named Republicans resigned. That's only 54% and to my mind at least that doesn't come close to being "almost every single one."

Was there perhaps a longer list (of Republican miscreants who resigned) that you intended to publish but inadvertantly omitted?

Christopher R Taylor said...

You're right, that's poorly worded. Of course none Of the Democrats did. I couldn't even find one example of a Democrat who resigned in disgrace from a scandal, but I'm sure there's one out there.

Texas Shooter said...

I would have mentioned that Gerry Studds was Censured by Congress, and he arrogantly turned his back to the Legislative Body as they did so.