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"It means Californians will work until 70 so that public employees can retire at 50."

The lie to workers
Something that's frustrating to me is how effective the left is at shaping peoples' understanding of events and news. For many of the people they influence, the work is not hard; these are people who want to and are naturally inclined to believe how the left spins things. Take the fights to save state budgets. The left tends to call this a "war on workers" as the sign outside the Marion County Democratic Party headquarters in town says. Or they call it a "war on teachers" to be more specific.

The truth is, no one has the slightest problem with workers or teachers per se. They have a problem with the unions these people might belong to and how those organizations act. The war is on out of control public employee union leadership, not teachers. See, if it was a "war on workers" it would be against workers not specific benefits of some workers that happen to belong to some unions. If it was a "war on teachers," then the targets would be all teachers everywhere, not union teachers in specific areas.

This war is on public employee unions which never should have existed in the first place and are bankrupting states. And that war makes sense to most people, when they understand what's going on instead of the propaganda they're fed by the left.

Take California, for instance. California has its more conservative portions, but the greatest bulk of the state is very left leaning and it is known to be one of the most leftist states in the union. Yet even in that state, voters may be getting tired of being used by unions. Investors Business Daily recently editoralized:
A new L.A. Times/University of South California poll shows that even in blue California, voters want public employees to start living like them — instead of the privileged class their political patrons have made them.

In the poll, 70% said they want public pensions for current and future public employees capped, and 68% want them to save more toward their own retirement. Half want benefits cut for current employees and 78% want to yank perks like "free" state cars and cell phone.
Is the poll accurate? Its hard to say. When given a choice between politicians who'll help the unions at the expense of the rest of the state, they choose the union stooges over and over in 2008, electing the absurd Jerry Brown as governor once more.

It is easy to believe that people are becoming increasingly fed up with unions whose deals have gotten workers benefits, pay, and retirements that far exceed the bulk of the population at the expense of the population. As IBD puts it:
Unlike the public, which must save for retirement through 401(k)s and inefficient, unprivatized Social Security, public employees get "free" pensions after far less work — and never worry in the slightest about losing their jobs.
It is frustrating to struggle to keep or find a job while people whose jobs are almost totally secure get paid better than you ever did, and retire as millionaires. If they were working for some business who earned that money, it would be one thing, but doing so on the backs of taxpayers grates people very sorely.

The truth is, public employee unions have been at war with taxpayers for a long time with the assumption that there's always more money to be leeched out of the public from fees, charges, and taxes. Its possible that the people are getting tired of that. The only way to be sure is when they start voting as if they are tired of it, because polls or not, Californians are acting like they want more of the same when it comes to the ballot box.

To whatever extent there is a war, it didn't start this year, though. The people have just finally started to fight back, and that's something the left cannot stand to see happen.

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