Monday, May 30, 2011


Typically Memorial Day is focused on fallen heroes in the armed forces, which is proper, but I like to consider people who have gone before us and fought a different sort of war. Everyone who has struggled and worked for a better future in the past fought a war of their own in a quiet, personal way, and few did that more than the pioneers of the American west.

Traveling thousands of miles on 19th century technology, they fought the environment, hostile natives, wild animals, and other settlers to survive. Their hard work and dedication settled a vast wilderness, bringing peace and civilization to their children's children, following a dream that they knew they would never personally see fulfilled. These pioneers sacrificed so that their children could have a better future.

Today, we sacrifice our children's future so we can have a better today. We need more pioneers, and fewer consumers.

*For more specific thoughts on military vets, consider looking over to Via Meadia where Walter Russel Mead reminds us, as DrewM puts it "Osama bin Laden had a vision for fighting America and the non-Muslim world and it died in Iraq." Our soldiers didn't just struggle and die there, they won there, over the objections of the left and the continuous demand we surrender, give up, and flee the country.

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