Tuesday, May 17, 2011

EQD20 Session 1

"Uh, guys?"
These are the ongoing exploits of our gaming group playing Everquest using the D20 system. We're playing over the internet using Skype to chat and Maptools to show the action.

Decaying SkeletonSo we fired up the system yesterday and gave it a shot. Connecting was a bit of a puzzler until my brother noticed that Maptools inserts a dummy port number that had to be replaced when I build the server.

Once it was up Maptools was both surprisingly easy to use and surprisingly complex. It took me a few hours to build a really crude arena map to represent the Pit of Doom in Halas. At the same time, it was easy to use the map once it was in place.

We spent most of the time building characters and discussing the setting (and ripping on each other, as guys are wont to do). The group ended up a Bard, a Ranger, a Shaman, a Beastlord, a Mage, and a Monk. No heavy plate in the group, but lots of offense.

A lot of the time was spent just moving around on the map and seeing how the tokens worked. I built some dice tables people could use, and everyone whipped up a few macros for their attack and damage rolls.

Since we've all played Everquest before the setting has a certain nostalgia, but its been over 6 years since any of us played, so its fresh once more. I ran a simple combat between the four PCs that could stay on after building characters and some Decaying Skeletons, and the dread single D20 curse struck.

Dshai couldn't roll to save his life. Literally. He swung seven times and rolled under 10 every single time. The skeletons took a while but they wore him down and finally he dropped, but the Shaman Sethas managed to save him with a heal.

In all it went pretty well. I learned how the initiative tool built into Maptools worked, and that was nice, and we got used to moving and interacting with the map. For a test run it went well, but I'm still having odd problems with Skype corrupting my voice (and sometimes everyone else's). Skype claims that's lag but I'm not sure how that's possible, since my brother and I run through the same router and have the same computer builds from Dell.

In any case, things went well and hopefully we can get more in next time around. Scheduling seems to be a concern since we're in three different time zones and all of us in our 30s or older. Three of the group are married, which makes it even more challenging to find some time to set aside for a hobby. We'll see next time.


Sethas said...

For Halas and the Tribunal. Northmen proved their worth taking care of over 1/2 of the enemy!

Unknown said...

The dice hated me.