Tuesday, May 10, 2011


“The best smell in the world is that man that you love.”
-Jennifer Aniston

I ran out of shampoo recently. The stuff I used was scented like green apples, which wasn't too bad, better than bayberry and jasmine or whatever else is on the shelf. When it comes to a lot of products, it seems men aren't remotely considered.

I don't know if that is because men don't care much about how their shampoo smells, or that men tend to buy things without a scent and women are more picky about it, or if the presumption is just that men don't go shopping so they aren't who the companies target.

Its a falsehood that men don't go shopping, that hasn't really been true for almost forty years. Men tend to shop differently than women, usually going after their target goods and out as fast as possible while many women will browse and go down many aisles. But there are a lot of men out there buying supplies these days, even family men.

Something missing in many products is a masculine scent. About the only place that anyone really tries to come up with scents for men is in aftershave or cologne. Men have to put up with vanilla scented candles and fruit scented shampoos in the house because the woman in their life buys these goods and there's nothing around for the guys.

You can't go into Wicks & Sticks or Bed Bath and Beyond and find anything remotely masculine. For a guy its like going into enemy territory, an intimidating and dizzying array of feminine goods with a cloud of scents so overpowering men stagger out looking for oxygen.

What's needed is a bit of masculinity in some of these products. Why not leather and sawdust scented shampoo? How about motor oil and tobacco? Newly mown grass and freshly turned soil? Where's the man's side of things, with scents designed to make them smell more manly rather than slightly less feminine than the really girly smells?

Guys don't want to smell like a flower garden or spices, if we want to smell like anything at all. Some products have such a strong base smell they have to be covered up, I get that, but why does it always have to be floral or fruit-based scents?

That smell after the first rainstorm or the ozone crackle after lightning is a good smell everyone likes, how about something like that for a deodorizer? Why do I have to wash dishes with lemon or flowers, why not wood smoke?

The truth is, there's a big market out there for masculine themed products, items that appeal not just to guys who are tired of having to put up with girly stuff, but women who like their men to be masculine.

For the women out there, which would your rather smell when your man takes you in his arms: cucumbers and lavender, or a wheat field or a leather jacket? Sense memory is pretty strong for women, and I kind of doubt they love to remember their man by how much he smells like a bouquet.

Most guys probably are not all that careful about what products smell like when they buy one, unless they're the kind to get manicures and facials, but women often buy things for their guys. I don't mean perfumes and body washes and all that metro crap, I mean just soap and shampoo and normal stuff men actually use. Girls, wouldn't you prefer to see something more manly on the shelves? I know I would as a guy.

*This originally ran on the Washington Examiner Opinion Zone.

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LaMom said...

Hi Chris

I just stumbled on your old post "DUDE SMELLS LIKE A LADY." Good stuff!

You are so right, so many products are missing a masculine scent. And men sure don't want to smell like a flower garden or spices :)

I'm just reaching out because I just published a blog post on the Best Men's Colognes in the World. We actually spent weeks testing all the top colognes to see which ones came out on top for scent and lasted a long time on the skin. Maybe you will find it useful :)

Please feel free to check it out