Monday, May 02, 2011


So Osama Bin Laden is officially dead now. Out of concerns for Muslims, whose law requires burial within a short period after death, the US Government says they buried the body at sea. He supposedly was shot by a soldier in the head in a compound in Pakistan, just across the street from a police station in a town which holds a HQ of a Pakistani army division.

Personally I still figure he died in Tora Bora, but perhaps he somehow managed to survive. Those videos certainly weren't of him after Tora Bora, the guy looked quite different, even younger in some of them.

In any case, comedians can stop making "why can't they find Bin Laden" jokes now. The one man out of six billion hiding among hundreds of thousands of fanatical allies is officially dead.


Eric said...

Really? You still think he died long ago in Tora Bora? How do you explain yesterdays events? Mistaken identiy? Political forgery?

Christopher Taylor said...

My guess is they finally decided to reveal the body, or found it. That the basic facts are accurate, but the timing is off.

I don't think there's some grand conspiracy afoot here, at least not in the usual sinister sense. It was just more useful politically and strategically for people to believe he was still around and now its not.

eric said...

I just don't see any reason, at this point, to question the official story. It would be a pretty massive conspiracy if he had been dead for awhile and they faked a production like this in order to release the news.

Christopher Taylor said...

Well I don't want to give the impression I think there's some kind of evil cabal trying to snow the American people, but rather that this is more of an intelligence operation. Things aren't always reported immediately as they happen for good reason, especially during war or in any spy work. The negative effect on our troops and among terrorist groups is much less likely to take effect by now than if we'd produced a body say 6 years ago.

If Bin laden was still alive all this time, he surely wasn't in those videos after Tora Bora. Its possible he was so messed up he couldn't appear normally and someone else took his part (or they used stills) with his voice over.

There's just some oddities about it that make less sense if he was active and running around until a few days ago.

I mean if I was some sort of conspiracy nut I'd say "buried at sea huh? No body? I understand" wink wink.

Unknown said...

HEY!!! I am not a conspiracy nut and it bothers me that they haven't at least shown a clip or a picture of the body. As much as I hate to see a dead body I would still like to see his.

Tina said...

Good points Christopher. I just posted elsewhere that a burial at sea is not a decision made lightly in a case like this - the means of disposal of such a body would have been decided long ago, along with other contingency plans.

Michael Yon has also gone on record saying that burying OBL at sea is a terrible decision for other reasons.

It certainly doesn't make a lot of sense. And at those levels, everything happens for a reason.