Monday, April 25, 2011


Most folks on the internet have heard of the odd vending machines in Japan (undies?) but that's not the extent of strange vending machines around the world. Here's a sampling:

Chicken Eggs


National Batteries

Live Bait

Kosher Snacks

Just Pringles

Pizza in 90 seconds! Mmm microwave pizza

Live Beetle Pets

Live Lobsters - how on earth does this work?

Sneakers. Hopefully they fit.



Just about anything can be put in a vending machine I guess. One of the best I ever saw was soup. They had cans of soup that they'd heat up and dispense with a spoon, and it was good stuff. I don't know if they had problems with lawsuits or exploding cans but I never see that any more. Then there were the coffee cups with poker cards on them, as shown in Terminator 2. Vending Machines are usually a pretty bad deal in terms of cost, but they are convenient and sometimes they're all you have time for.

And, of course, there's Automats, which I've written about in the past and I believe are going to be making a comeback. A full meal, in seconds, out of dozens of choices, for a good price. That kind of thing is going to be more popular, I suspect.

Still, I don't think I'd wear any of those ties or trust the shoes.


Philip said...

Live Lobsters - how on earth does this work?

Along the lines of the pick-up-a-stuffed-toy-by-crane?

Christopher Taylor said...

It kind of looks that way, doesn't it? I hope its more reliable.

Texas Shooter said...

Did you notice the Kosher Snack machine also says 24/6 on the front?

Does the machine not work on the Sabbath?

Philip said...

Not unless you pay a Gentile to push the buttons for you.

canvas wall art said...

Haha crazy stuff but appropriate?