Wednesday, April 27, 2011


"Now, maybe we can focus on all the ways Obama is failing as President."
-Ed Morrissey

President Obama has released his full birth certificate. This ought to, but won't, stop the "birther" nonsense of people claiming the president isn't constitutionally qualified for the job.

The real question that comes up is why he delayed so long on releasing the full data. Some had speculated that the document listed him as "Muslim," others that it said his name was "Barry" and some even wondered if it didn't list his race as "White." Astrologers were even upset because they couldn't be sure of his exact birth date and time.

It appears now that President Obama was just being obstinate. I understand that response to a challenge. A few years ago I used to write on the World Magazine site where they had comments. Because it was poorly moderated, a small group of very vile and hateful leftists would show up and cause trouble there, doing things that would usually cause a ban.

One in particular took to hating me and instead of refuting the points I made, would attack me personally. After some time, this leftist picked a tactic: he started asking why I wouldn't say I was not gay. I ignored him. He did this for a few weeks, then finally started saying I obviously was gay or I'd have answered him and finished the matter.

Someone finally responded saying I wasn't gay and even if I was I clearly was fighting it as God intended. I responded to that person along these lines: I am not gay, nor am I a two headed pyromaniac from planet Z, or a werewolf. I shouldn't have to refute idiotic, pointless questions of that sort because they are prejudicial and obnoxious.

The more that leftist pushed me on the topic, the less I was inclined to respond. I'm stubborn like that sometimes. I suspect President Obama did the same thing: the hell with you, I'm never going to release it now.

Of course, both Trump and Obama spun this. Trump claimed this was great because now reporters would ask him about something other than the birth certificate (although he was the one that brought it up) and Obama said this was silly and it was wasting time (although he could have cleared it up ages ago with a brief phone call).

This is all just politics as usual, with two sides trying to find an advantage. And as it turns out, its not particularly new, but that will wait until tomorrow.

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