Monday, March 14, 2011


“after watching the movie, #TheCove, its kinda hard to feel sorry for #japan sorry dolphin slaughterers”

Any time there's a major world catastrophe or disaster, a few people always pop up and grab a camera, claiming that this happened because they violated some deity's wishes. The latest tragedy in Japan, with thousands dead and tens of thousands displaced and starving, is no exception.

This time, we have dueling interpretations of the event, from around the world. First is Tokyo's Mayor, Shintaro Ishihara, was asked what he thought the Japanese people should view the quake and tsunami. He responded:
The identity of the Japanese people is greed.

This tsunami represents a good opportunity to cleanse this greed, and one we must avail ourselves of.

Indeed, I think this is divine punishment.
So God is punishing Japan for its greed, according to Ishihara. On the other hand we have the captain of the Sea Shepherd, Greenpeace's pirate ship that tries to shut down whaling by ramming ships, shooting them with pepper missiles and interfering with their work. Captain Paul Watson wrote on his Facebook page this poem:
Neptune's voice rolled like thunder through the sky
Angrily he smote the deep seabed floor
From the shore echoed mankind's mournful cry
...the sea rose up and struck fast for the shore.

From out of the East with the rising sun
The sea's fearful wrath burst upon the land
With little time to prepare or run
Against a power no human can stand.
So again, a god, this time Neptune, is wrathful against man and sent the quake and tsunami, according to Paul Watson. In case his point wasn't very clear, Facebook fans of Watson and eco-terrorism responded:
“It is a great tragedy and many innocent have been hurt by tremendous Tsunami, but this Kama was not punishment or justice for an individual, it was a message to Japan as a Nation, not to overdo it with its poaching of the world’s oceans!!!!!”

“maybe it is karma… Japan haven’t been the only ones to be on the receiving end! The captain is right… This poem is true! We all need to wake up and realise that we are just tiny beings out staying our welcome!”

“It’s getting better every time you will always get the fullest from me full support for you if Japen is poor affter this disaster they are not going have to bother the whales if theres going to be a valcano ready to go off”

“Capt. Watson: Japan will require and request aid. With aid, come conditions and compromise. This is the opportunity for aid giving countries to demand the end of Japanese Whaling in return for help. When asked by your local aid organizations to give help and money, demand the end of Japanese Whaling.”
I tend not to mock people's spelling and grammar on Facebook because of how incredibly laggy and awkward their interface is. But the content is clear: Japan is paying for killing Whales. Then there are the global warming guys who think this is further proof of their theory, but others have covered that well already.

It never fails, any time some major event happens, some one will jump up and try to force God to support their positions and ideology. I think probably we would be better focused on how we can help the Japanese people and support them in this time of immense need and sorrow.


Unknown said...

If Japan is suffering for killing whales, why hasn't Thailand suffered for child sex slave trade?
Why do Americans not suffer for torturing their stock animals before they eat them?
What happened is tragedy...and a prelude to what will happen to all of us for the human creation of unsustainable lifestyles.

Christopher Taylor said...

So really, the ultimate sin is not worshipping at the altar of Gore. Got it.