Tuesday, March 22, 2011


You know those popcorn kernels that don't quite pop, they are partly burst but don't make the fluffy white popcorn? Those are the best parts, I think.

I haven't yet tasted any flavored popcorn that's better than just butter and salt.

Unless its caramel corn, that's good stuff. And those peanut-corn mixes like Fiddle Faddle and Cracker Jack (which contains neither crackers, nor jacks. Thankfully).

You gotta figure the first time someone discovered popcorn it had to have been a tragedy. Someone dropped their seed corn into a fire, or their house burned down, but hey, popcorn!

The first time I ever had popcorn and peanuts was my first day of college with room mates and others from the dorm. We went to TGIF which has awful food, but the popcorn/peanut appetizer was tasty. At that time it was all I could afford to buy.

If you want to make microwave popcorn without buying the expensive packets, I have a recipe.

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