Wednesday, March 09, 2011


She's trying to be witty but this, I fear, is all too accurate for young people today. They've been raised to hate and fear Fox News, but revere and respect the Daily Show. Fox News, for all its lame focus on celebrities and missing little white girls is actually a serious news channel. The Daily Show alternates between comedy and Jon Stewart attempting to manipulate public perception on issues and control the narrative to match his viewpoint on life.

It isn't that this is necessarily and innately false, its that the Daily Show isn't meant to be news, but is treated and trusted that way by too many people.

Personally I get my news from scores of internet news sites.

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Unknown said...

"Personally I get my news from scores of internet news sites."

That is the key right there. It is very important to get the news the problem is when people only listen to one source be that a newspaper or magazine or Fox or Comedy central. There must be a willingness to hear and see the news from different sources.