Thursday, March 24, 2011


"They really are too cool."

Operation Tomodachi
Its been a few weeks since Japan was devastated by a 9 point earthquake and huge tidal wave, and the recovery process has been difficult. Radiation fears still plague the country, and the count of the dead still is not complete. Through it all, the US military has been working hard to help the stricken country, particularly its eastern coast.

The USS Ronald Reagan has been a major player in this effort, showcasing again the value and versatility of aircraft carriers around the world. Packed with tons of supplies, aircraft carriers can help an area like nothing else can, essentially floating a fully functional city to the location to lend aid.

Notoriously anti-American and often foul and obscene internet site 2Chan in Japan was moved, here are some comments:
“As expected of our friends!”


“They’re so handsome. It’s like a movie, really.”

“I could cry. We’re truly grateful, America!”

“Sorry we were so hard-hearted. It seems America was our only friend after all.”

“They are really used to this stuff, aren’t they?”

“They really are tool cool. What is this sense of security I feel…”

“Please make Japan a state.”

“Guys who have seen actual combat are in a different class.”

“They are heroes, seriously.”

“Rather than seeing our government’s incomprehensible press conferences, seeing the US army on the ground is much more reassuring.”

"The SDF isn’t bad, but seeing this you can really tell how badly Japanese lack decisiveness.”

“They seriously look too cool! USA!! USA!! USA!! USA!!”

“The USA is truly Japan’s ally!”

“If God made the world into a feature film America would be the hero.”

“Americans may be stupidly optimistic but they are certainly brave and believe in justice.”

“I cried!”
In times of great need, there is no more generous and helpful nation on earth, no matter what. The USA gets kicked in the teeth a lot around the world and is not always the hero, but this is when we really do get a chance to shine. There is no better ambassador of US spirit and public than our soldiers.

So here's to the troops and Operation Tomodachi.

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